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How to create and launch a successful podcast by focusing on metrics that matter

With Lydia Lee

One of my most favourite things to do for the Cubicle Crashing Community is to feature real learnings in the real world of work and business.

I’m interested in the raw and real ways everyday people just like you achieve bold goals for their business.

Today, it’s all about how to create and launch a successful podcast, by focusing on metrics that matter.

If you’ve been itching to share your voice, and creating conversations to showcase your passions and work to the world, a podcast is a fun and creative way to market your business.

But before you start hustling your way into doing all the things you think is important to create and launch your podcast baby, I want you to introduce you to someone who has done it well (and with heart).

Enter Daniel Lim.

I interviewed Danny Lim, my lovely coaching client, and self proclaimed Dreamweaver at LITO Labs, on his incredible journey of launching a successful podcast as his #1 way to connect and create relationships for his business.

His podcast shot to #4 on Top Business podcasts on iTunes, and was featured on the holy grail of goal of New and Noteworthy.

He sashayed right past the great company of Lewis Howes, Tony Robbins, and Amy Porterfield on the way., saying “Oh-Em-Gee!”.

He breaks down the right Success Metrics to focus on as a new podcaster, and a big message that I believe is absolutely pertinent to ANY creative project you put out into the world.

Watch the super inspiring interview below that I did with Dan, on how he got here only after a few months of launching his podcast, when he started with barely 5 people listening.

*don’t forget to read the most important points below.

Biggest A-Ha Insights

There were so many nuggets of wisdom from our conversation.  Here are my favourite ones below…

Choose the right Success Metrics to achieve goals more joyfully.

Not how many people will listen to your podcast.

What you can have creative control over, and where you can create the most impact to your goals are:

Your commitment to show up CONSISTENTLY to create episodes, whether people are listening or not (eventually they will!).

Give yourself a bold goal that’s going to motivate and energize you to grow your podcast – Danny promised to commit to one episode broadcast every Sunday, and once he decided this, he created the system and schedule to make it happen.

Strive for engagement vs. numbers.  Danny found that he got to being featured on multiple categories for his podcast not because of the number of listeners, but because of how long they actually listened to each episode (and not drop off).

Don’t focus on having a huge fan base right away, and stick to your guns in believing in your work and know the compounding effect of your efforts will pay off.

Define your Version of Success to achieve goals more joyfully

What if being successful and having a great business means earning money doing things you not only find enjoyable, but can powerfully impact the goals you have with your work?

Or marketing in a genuine way that connects you with the right people?

What if there was a new and fresher approach to being profitable but not hustling your way through it all?​

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Make your podcast project FUN for you – we can’t stress this enough.

Check in with yourself that what you’re speaking about and sharing are conversations that you feel passionate to get on your soapbox about.

Design a format that fits your style of voice – perhaps you’re more conversational. Or investigative/interview style.  Or uplifting and inspiring.

Whatever your style, design your podcast to leverage your personality and give yourself permission to BE YOURSELF.

Be good at what you do, instead of just looking good

When you strive to master the art of sharing your voice, articulating your great insights, and get better at hosting your podcast, you share GREAT WORK.

And guess what happens when you share great work?

You attract and maintain an awesome tribe of listeners and an audience who are committed and loyal to you.

And then you know what else happens?

Clients and partnerships flock to you.

Because they can trust you and you’ve built amazing credibility.

I literally just got this message from Danny:

Yay, Dan!

And this is a great place to end this week’s Cubicle Crasher Spotlight on Dan’s wonderful journey on creating and launching a successful podcast…in a style that’s real, inspiring, and so do-able.

I hope this has energized you on ANY creative project you’re about to boldly share into the world.

Give Dan and LITO some love

Visit the Lito Labs website – they do AWESOME work

Listen in on the LITO podcast for creative and heartfelt conversations with Dan and his partner Rebecca

Check out why I am personally hiring Dan to produce my upcoming podcast – if you’re ready to sit back, relax, and elevate your podcast,

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1 thought on “How to create and launch a successful podcast by focusing on metrics that matter”

  1. Thanks, Lydia and Dan for sharing so much valuable information.

    My biggest takeaways from the both of you are:

    Lydia, I love your message of support for sharing what you have to share or speaking your voice. This is like the perfect mantra I can silently chant to keep me focused and inspired.

    Dan, it’s great how you shared so many important metrics. Especially the not-so-good ones (but a necessary reality) like when you said be prepared to spend up to two years before getting any traction.

    Keep up the excellent work. I look forward to hearing about your next projects.

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