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Why I Chose a Tiny Business Model

With Lydia Lee

In a world where ‘bigger is better’ seems to be the business mantra, I’m excited to share with you a different perspective that has transformed my life and work: the journey to a Tiny Business Model.

🌟 Today’s Video: The Tiny Business Model – A Path to Simplicity and Fulfillment – Watch the video!​

I’m taking you through my personal journey of navigating away from the hustle, and choosing a path less travelled in the business world.

Join me as I reveal the impactful lessons and liberating results of choosing a tiny business model.

It’s not just a business strategy; it’s about aligning success with simplicity, balance, and personal fulfillment.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

🔍 Redefining Success: Discover how I shifted my mindset from conventional success metrics to those that resonate with my personal values and lifestyle goals.

📐 Simplifying to Amplify: I dive deep into how simplifying your business can lead to more effective results, less stress, and a better alignment with your values.

🛠 Transitioning to a Tiny Business Model: Hear about the big transitions that helped me transform my business into something that’s ‘just right’ for me – and could be for you too!

🚀 Minimalist Marketing Magic: I share my approach to marketing that emphasizes intimacy, personalization, and genuine connections over mass outreach.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. After watching, share with me:

  • What resonates most with you about the Tiny Business Model?
  • Are there aspects of your business or life you’re considering simplifying?

I believe that embracing a tiny but mighty business model can bring immense joy and alignment to your work. Remember, it’s not always about having more, but having what’s right for you.


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💫 Tiny Business Revolution (Founding Members Group)

I’ll be working with an intimate group of people who want to simplify, streamline, and systemize their business so that they have time to enjoy their lives.

The goal is to create a sustainable and satisfying business, that integrates seamlessly into the lifestyles we want and the kind of growth that feels right for us.

It’s a new way of doing business with ease and simplicity.

Ideally, you’ve launched a business, or you’ve already worked with a handful of clients.

There are some special perks if you’re part of the “founding members” round, like:

  • A discounted rate to the coaching program.
  • 1:1 time with me to ensure you’re integrating the work into your business.
  • Belong to an intimate coaching group of business owners working towards a tiny but mighty business together.

👀 Watch the video + read more about the deets.

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Join me in beautiful Ubud, Bali in April 2024 for a retreat experience to envision, create, and plan your dream life and business.

We’ll reconnect you with what matters most to your happiness, life satisfaction, and align how you want your business to give back to the life you want.

This will be a sanctuary where your mind can find clarity and your heart will sense your intuition for how you want to create your next big thing in your business.

Early bird rate ends in mid-December…so check out the retreat page and apply now to start planning your adventure to Bali!

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