Hi, I’m Lydia!

i help you to reinvent your work to design an independent career that’s deeply fulfilling.

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Do the work you want

It’s time to dream, think and do something bigger

Listen to the voice in your head

Listen to the voice in your head that’s telling you there’s more to work than paying the bills.

Listen to the voice in your head

Give yourself permission to explore where your body of work is evolving.

Listen to the voice in your head

Discover how you can make your highest contribution towards work that matters to you.

Listen to the voice in your head

Define your own version of success to build a meaningful work life.

What Can I Help You With?

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“I was absolutely blown away by Lydia’s course! Indeed a turn point in my life, Lydia literally tore my lawyer suit apart and transited me on the road of entrepreneurship and freedom.”

Elaine Siu | ElaineSiu.com

“We were truly blessed to have had Lydia guide and support us towards the new direction we chose to pursue with our business. Without a doubt this is the best investment we have made in ourselves”

Steph & Brendan | Dynamic Nutrition

“Lydia has such an amazing gift to translate people’s special gifts into something they can do for a business. I am always amazed by what she does and how she does it. One thing that was super important for me was to understand the value of what I bring to the table in my work. I cannot thank you enough”

Catalina Riebe | Video Brand Architect

“Lydia strikes the right balance of compassion and non-nonsense ‘reality-check’ advice that has gently supported me in taking back my own power. She has guided me to look more honestly at myself, helping me to to move forward and create my dream life.”

Diane Hopkins | Word and Wing

“Working with Lydia Lee has been one of the most dynamic experiences of my professional life. Her ability to quickly recognize someone’s strengths and then bring them out into the open is astounding.”

Mary Schiller | The Daily Principles

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