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Have you ever fired up your computer in the office and asked yourself: what’s the point of my existence exactly? Or stared out of the window and wished you could be somewhere else?

Maybe you’ve already escaped the sucky job but you feel like you’re not quite where you want to be with your business yet?

If we’re in a corporate setting, we feel like this because we don’t feel connected to the work we’re doing. It’s not our baby. We’re part of a much larger machine. And we could be easily replaced.

We all feel this pull to do something. But many of us are engaged in the wrong kind of work. Instead of feeling good about what we do and the people we help, we feel disconnected and depressed. Slowly we lose faith in our ability to do anything else.

People are happier when they do work that feels important to them. If you create your own project, whether it be a freelance business, a startup or a social enterprise, you can launch something that ties in with your values and plays to your strengths. And it can feel good. Really good.

We’re grown adults with seemingly unlimited choice. Yet many of us feel trapped in a work situation where we do only what others expect of us. Every day. Five days a week.

Why am I so sure?

Because I’ve seen it happen again and again.

And I’ve been there myself. Four years ago, I’d climbed my way up the corporate ladder and had bagged a comfortable six figure job.

After having a realization that it wasn’t the life I wanted, I quit and started launching businesses of my own. As I started reading more about the origins of purpose, I realized it’s more than just escaping a bad job to retire early: people need work in their lives.

I quit my corporate job in Canada after I lost my shit (a.k.a. had an emotional breakdown) on a business trip to Moscow. I felt frustrated that I was working really hard to make other people rich.

On paper I was a success. I had a high power job in marketing and business, making close to six figures and got to travel all over the world.

But I wasn’t happy…

Despite my success I was living for my vacations. I had to ask myself: “Is this all there is?”

I was good at my job. I even enjoyed some parts of what I did. It just wasn’t enough. I needed something more meaningful. Work I could be proud of.

But there is hope.

I’ve seen stressed out lawyers reinvent themselves as entrepreneurs, miserable journalists morph into educational entrepreneurs and academics start online businesses.

After transitioning out of my own corporate shackles, I kept getting asked the same question: how did you do it? As I started delving more into the world of transition, I started to examine why some people do manage it and the things that hold others back.

Working with everyone from teachers to bankers, I started to better understand the struggles that stop people from getting to where they want to go. The beliefs that lead to fear and decision making paralysis. And the old habits that won’t budge.

My success didn’t happen overnight. I’ve learned a lot about how to build a business that’s not only profitable but purposeful.  And how to design my work around the lifestyle I want to lead.

Now I know exactly how to fast-track the process of launching and growing a business by getting the foundation of what you do really clear and testing it before you leap.

Creating a dream work-life has only been possible for me and my clients because we’ve:

  • Got over our fear of uncertainty and opened our minds and hearts to possibilities beyond the 9-5
  • Stopped waiting for the ‘right time’ to start living the version of a life we’re meant to live
  • Embraced the art of exploration to challenge our beliefs and old thinking in order to discover new pathways
  • Decided to step out of our comfort zones to finally take control over where we spent our time and energy

I realized if I wanted to feel truly fulfilled I needed work that helped other people that leaves a positive impact on the world.

So I moved to Bali in 2014 with just an idea and a brave determination to make it work. As the business grew I discovered what I most enjoyed was helping other people repurpose their skills into a business that was meaningful to them.

Now I teach professionals that have already achieved success in their careers to deploy their work experience and skills into profitable businesses that help other people. Work that allows them to be their own boss and express their unique personality and deep interests.

My work and mission has been featured in Forbes Magazine and Huffington Post and retweeted by Sir Richard Branson, and shared by Tim Ferriss.  I’m grateful to be able to share my story and inspire people in the future of work in keynotes and live workshops.

Over the course of working with hundreds of clients, I’ve developed approaches to help you with every step of the way, from life transition strategies to work reinvention plans. 

Everyone has different motivations to ‘screw the cubicle’.

Some of my clients crave the freedom to travel and adventure.

I work with moms who want to be home with their children to raise them, without living in fear that someone might take over their jobs if they need more maternity leave.

Others desire to know that they’re creating legacy careers, where their contributions matter in the world.

Whatever the motivation, the thread that’s most common within my tribe is this:

To create meaningful work that deeply satisfies us, and the freedom to do it on our terms.

You can do work you care about.
And pay the bills.

Start now.

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