About me

Your work matters in the world. My job is to help you get it out there.

Feel Good About The Work You’re Doing

We all feel this pull to do something bigger with our lives.

But many of us aren’t living in alignment with our values and priorities, and we find ourselves engaged in the wrong kind of work.

It isn’t always easy to make a shift in the way we approach life and the way we work.

Identities that stem from our careers, communities and the expectations of others can sometimes hold us back from pursuing something more meaningful.

The truth is, we are constantly evolving and the ability to reinvent ourselves is a skill we must adopt in order to make our highest contribution in this world. Traditional careers, education, and societal norms don’t facilitate this adaptation.

The initiative and ambition to choose an unconventional path are necessary if you want to stop living on autopilot, lead a meaningful life, and do the work you were meant to do.

“We’re grown adults with seemingly unlimited choice. Yet many of us feel trapped in a work situation where we do only what others expect of us. Every day. Five days a week.”

Why am I so sure?

Because I’ve been there myself.

I had climbed the corporate ladder and bagged a cushy six-figure job.  I worked 60 hours a week, lived out of international hotel rooms, and agreed to be paid out for my vacation days in fear my workload would become overwhelming if I took time off.

As an overachiever and the daughter of an immigrant family, success meant that I had to sacrifice my wellbeing to reach the top, but instead, I was on my way to an epic burnout.

It was in 2012, in Moscow that the inevitable occurred.  A total emotional breakdown was followed by physical collapse.  Even when I wasn’t mentally prepared to face the truth of what I had sacrificed to attain “success”, my body had a way of telling me enough was enough.

On paper, I had done everything I was supposed to do to be happy, but I was miserable.

I had to ask myself: “Is this all there is?”

Meaningful Work Matters To Your Wellbeing

It took nine months of therapy, coaching, saving, and planning.  It wasn’t easy by any means, but I quit my cushy job and moved to a tiny island in Southeast-Asia.  I was finally forging my own path, defining my own version of success, happiness, and meaningful life.

After breaking free from my self-imposed golden handcuffs, I launched a business in the same industry that had almost killed me.  But I was my own boss, and convinced that now I really had ‘made it’.

Money, freedom, and a work uniform of old pajamas and sweatpants…what more could a woman want?

Turns out the answer was annoyingly obvious: Meaning.

As a late-night experiment, I started a blog called Screw The Cubicle to document my identity crisis, as I transitioned from being a working professional to a self-employed pajama wearer.

As I started reading and writing more about the origins of purpose, I realized the journey is about more than just escaping a bad job:

People shouldn’t sacrifice their lives for work, but they still need work in their lives. The right work.

For me, the ‘right work’ has been supporting others in building businesses that are aligned with their values, by creating meaningful work from their unique Genius Zones.

Your Genius Zone

The ingredients that makes you YOU:  Your unique experience, strengths, values, and personality.

I Help You To Design A Meaningful Business That Feels Like YOU

I’m a certified True Purpose™ Coach and Work Reinvention Strategist who helps passionate individuals, changemakers, and adventurous souls discover the work they’re meant to do, impact the world purposefully and design an inspired life.

Working with everyone from teachers to bankers, I discovered I had a knack for ‘Skills Spotting’, and a gift for helping people reinvent their work in a more meaningful direction. 

I started to better understand the struggles that stop people from getting to where they want to go. The beliefs that lead to fear and decision-making paralysis.  And the old habits that won’t budge.

Here’s how I can help you build a business you love and care about:

Overcome your fear of uncertainty and self-doubt to pursue building your dream business

Discover what you love to do and how to make money doing it

Design your business intentionally to leverage your ‘genius zone’ so you’re building a business that feels YOU

Identify your personal version of success that’s aligned with your values and priorities

“My mission has touched thousands of lives, with my work featured in Forbes and Huffington Post, retweeted by Sir Richard Branson and shared by Tim Ferriss. I’m also grateful to be able to share my story and inspire people via keynotes and live workshops.”

It’s time to do work that matters

In this era of global connection, there’s never been a better time to lead an unconventional life and do meaningful work on your terms.   New opportunities have shifted how we can make a living and allowed us to dream bigger, bolder, and way beyond the conventional path.

More than ever before, we need individuals to share new ideas that can shape the world we live in.

We all want to create meaningful work that deeply satisfies us, with the freedom to do it on our terms.

And now, it’s your time.

A few additional facts about little ‘ole me…

🎬 I host free, weekly-ish video episodes at Screw The Cubicle TV on topics like career transitions, starting a meaningful business, human-first marketing strategies, and designing an unconventional life. 

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🏝️ I currently have a home base on the island of Bali, where I live most of the year. I’ve designed this lifestyle for myself so that I can explore the rest of the world for the remainder of the year #globalcitizen. You can partake in my discoveries on Instagram

💗 I give my mother a lot of shit in podcast interviews for being a crazy, Asian ‘Tiger Mom’. The truth is, having empathy for what she’s gone through as an individual has allowed me to forgive some of the harder realities of my childhood, and encouraged us to bond in a healthier way. Relationships can change, y’all. But, we have to be the first to change. 

🇲🇾 My original birthplace is Penang, Malaysia. I know I’m biased, but it has THE best food in Southeast Asia. Straight up, google it.

🍍 I have a weird obsession with pineapples. I know you’ve seen it everywhere. Just let me have my pineapples.