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Screw Passion. Start With Purpose Instead.

With Lydia Lee

I know you’ve heard it time and time again.

Follow your passion.

Find your passion.

This elusive passion business can be more confusing than helpful.

Passion is a feeling.

An experience you get to earn when you’re doing something that not only serves you, but others as well.

Passion can be experienced in so many ways, and it’s not this ‘one thing’ you die with.

You can be passionate in your relationships, your hobbies, and a whole lotta other stuff in your life.

When it comes to matters of work and building a business, passion is great, but there’s a better way to start.

How? Let me explain.

It’s a Motivation to Make a Difference.

Purpose-driven work ensures that you’re creating something not only for yourself, but for the betterment of people’s lives.

It’s a motivation to make a difference.

It’s about valuable contribution.

It’s about meaningful connections.

And instigating change.

So I say…

Screw Passion, Start With Purpose.

There will be many things you’ll need to learn in your business.

From learning how to sell what you do, offer the right services, and getting the word out, you’ll need to upskill yourself to become independent.

You will learn the things you need to learn and become the person you need to become.

You’ll also make mistakes, there will be frustrations and challenges, but the catalyst that comes from your Purpose will overcome the obstacles, and you WILL persevere

Your Purpose is What Grounds You.

You can make better decisions when you feel grounded in why you do what you do, how it impacts a cause you care about, and what you create to help people get to places they couldn’t do on their own without you.

Learning, creating, and building a business of your own is going to feel a whole lot easier when you feel clear on why your business should exist, and why the right people should care.

And most importantly, you’ll be able to attract the right people that cares about what you care about. People work with people that feels aligned to them.

Your ability to articulate how your business provides the value they need will be essential to making money with your gifts.

A Purpose-Drive Approach Leads to a Meaningful & Profitable Business.

If you have been feeling a tad fuzzy on what your business idea is about, and how you can create value for the people you want to help (this is what gets you paid), I want to help you get this right.

Your Purpose and the unique blueprint in how you design your business, needs to be personal to you.

It ain’t some sort of ‘paint by numbers’ formula you can just swipe from another business owner. It’s one that takes a humanized approach to figure that out – what drives your work and how you want to work is personal.

This is why I work one-on-one with individuals to get this part of the Foundations right FIRST, so that together, we can design a valuable offer that gets you paid, and a way of working that ensures you feel fulfilled.

This is not just any ‘ol course.

It’s Human & Personalized.

This is a very collaborative and human way to start your business with a mentor on your side.

So that you can get specific-to-you guidance, and the accountability to finally build that business to create the freedom you want, whether it be lifestyle freedom or the ability to make a living in a meaningful way.

This is a purpose-driven approach that’s going to lead you to a meaningful and profitable business.

As you can see, this work requires intimacy and personal attention.

I take on 4 clients per month on my 90 Day Launch program to ensure I give undivided time and headspace to each person.

If this is something you’ve been wanting support on, and you know you’ll do the work once you have the clarity you need to move forward, I would love to get to know your business idea better.

You can speak directly to me on a virtual coffee date here.

If you want to find out more about the 90 Day Launch program, and how I help, you can read about it here.

To leading with Purpose and creating work that people will care about,


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