Embracing Your Multipassions For Success

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Using Our Multipassions To Build A Successful Business

We can get attached to having a “job title” that defines what we believe is all that we are.

But what if you’re a multi-passionate person who has a variety of skills and passions to share?

And how do we use our best knowledge, skills, and wisdom to formulate a business that’s meaningful for us to launch?

I invited one of my 90 Day Launch students, Lauren Best, to share her corporate transition story and how she embraced her multitude of skills and interests to show up more powerfully in her business.

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In this interview, Lauren reveals:

  • How she navigated her career identity crisis and moved past perfectionism to become an entrepreneur.
  • How she blended her old expertise in her corporate career with the new version of her skills to integrate into her business.
  • Where she got stuck choosing a “title” that reflected what she now does and how she embraced a new description of her work.
  • Why it was important to reconnect to her intuition to choose what she wants to do vs. what she thinks she has to do in her business.
  • How she “dipped her toes” into creating meaningful work with tiny experiments to find the focus she wanted to commit towards.

Connect with Lauren!

Lauren Best is a Business Experience Designer & Certified Hypnotherapist helping Solopreneurs + Creative Entrepreneurs find more authentic freedom in their businesses.

Together with her clients, she co-creates and designs the ways they structure their work and systems, how they embrace their superpowers and genius zone, and how they can simplify their services or pivot into a new service offering, all to create more freedom of time, money, and energy.

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