"Ready Enough" To Help People In Your Business

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Your work matters in the world, and my job is to help you get it out there.

Imposter syndrome is often inevitable for entrepreneurs.

You may feel like you’ll get “found out” for a lack of knowledge or believe you need a number of accolades to feel deserving of clients.

And this can keep you stuck from doing the work you want to do and building the business that you dream to have.

Overcoming imposter syndrome and knowing how you’re “ready enough” to share great work is one of the most important obstacles I help my clients break through.

I invited one of my 90 Day Launch students, Jen Roy, to share her journey of building her business in my program and why being “ready enough” is good enough.

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In this interview, Jen shares how she:

  • Overcame her limiting beliefs of thinking she needed more credentials to be “ready enough” to help people
  • Didn’t start with a website but trusted herself to share her voice and build her audience
  • Celebrated a 10K month at the start of 2023 🥳
  • Embraced the “slow burn” to grow her business sustainably and prepared her for the leads that came from a viral video (that just gained 2.2M views!)
  • Built her inner confidence even when she felt intimidated to speak on topics in her niche

Connect with Jen Roy!

Jen goes by the pseudonym Tallulah Rose in her coaching practice. She is a Certified Coach and EFT Practitioner specializing in helping those in toxic relationships break out of the cycles of abuse and create the life they want and deserve.

The experience she brings to her work comes from her own real-life traumas of growing up with abuse, being a victim of relationship violence, as well as caregiving for and then subsequently losing — both of her beloved grandparents in 2022.

Her mission is to awaken as many people as possible to the shackles of domestic violence and narcissistic abuse so they too may begin the path to freedom. 

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