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How Julie Built A Thriving Business Teaching What She Knew

With Lydia Lee

Building a Business That Teaches Her Passion

In her first year while building her business, Julie Scali said to her husband, “I have a dream and I have a Lydia”.

A year later, she’s replaced her income as a deputy principal, landed a book publishing deal, and became a recognized leader in her industry.

Today, I want to share with you the beautiful story of my client, Julie, who’s an educator and consultant that’s doing inspiring work to help teachers, school leaders and changemakers bridge the gap between evidence based research and literacy success for every student.

Her company  Literacy Impact has grown so much since its inception a year ago, but Julie didn’t start from a place of clarity and confidence from the beginning of time.

She didn’t have any background in business, but knew she had a passion for teaching something important to educators and schools.

After joining the 90 Day Launch Academy, Julie had the structure and roadmap to build the foundations for a business that’s successful today.

Most importantly, when it came time to launch, she redefined marketing so that selling became a generous form of education rather than complicated tactics.

In this interview, Julie shares how she:

  • Used the “pain” she experienced as a teacher to create the solution that’s helped her build a thriving business.
  • Created a better way to market her services by teaching what the knew instead of complex marketing strategies.
  • Committed to a primary platform to connect with people and build her brand.
  • Outsources what she isn’t good at in her business so that she can focus on her most enjoyable work and create a bigger impact.

Connect with Julie!

Julie Scali’s a passionate educator, consultant and Learning Difficulties specialist. As a former Deputy Principal leading whole school improvement she has a deep understanding of the pressures principals and teachers face, and the varied needs of students.

As the founder of Literacy Impact, my mission is to help teachers, school leaders and changemakers bridge the gap between evidence-based research and literacy success for every student.

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