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5 Ways to Find Your Niche – So You Can Build A Business You Love

With Lydia Lee

Have you been stuck on what you can create as a business?  Perhaps you haven’t felt clear about your ideas, or maybe even having way too many ideas to pick from.

You know that in order for you to start a business, you need to be aware of your skills, strengths, and ultimately, the type of work that is going to bring your joy and fulfillment.  

It’s not about choosing just any old idea, or looking at what other people are doing, but focusing on what you can do best with the gifts you possess right now.

In today’s video blog, I am going to be teaching you how to blend your skills and your interest to create your niche, to give you a clearer sense of direction of purposeful work you can create.

You have already come with years of experience, skills, and knowledge, which is so valuable to repurpose into a meaningful direction.  And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or start over with your skills.

In my experience working with hundreds of professionals in the last few years, there are several different ways on how you can tweak what you are skilled to do, what you’re good at doing and find creative ways to utilize your skills into a business that’s meant for you.

I break down the 5 ways to find your niche in my video below to help you get started!

Change who you help

Consider repurposing your expertise and knowledge towards helping a different person.  When you simply choose who you want to ideally help, this can bring new life to the skills you already possess, and bring in more meaning in how you utilize them.

In your life, you may be drawn to specific types of people that you feel deserve your help, or that you are very inspired to help them because you understand them very well (i.e. they represent who you were, they share common values with you).

Helping an ideal client that is aligned with you will give you the satisfaction of being a part of an outcome that you care about (and for the people you care for).  Just like my example I mentioned on the video about an ex journalist/writer helping startups and grassroot entrepreneurs with their press, her work felt more meaningful now that it’s directed towards a group of people she knows will change the world (vs. the big corporate entities in the past where she felt no alignment of values).

Start thinking about the people you admire or are drawn to.  Perhaps their profiles are very simliar to yours and you get what they need.  Perhaps they are people you see day to day struggling and have always said to yourself, “I know I could help them”

Combine two or more of your skills together to make a very powerful unique offering

If you have some primary strong skills that you want to keep in your career toolbelt, this approach can help you combine a few strengths you possess to create a special combination.

Being able to identify these skills will help you see how you can use it as a whole experience.  You can be depended on for MORE.  It offers your clients a full experience where you can bring in a unique approach that is different than your competitors.

An example: Let’s say you’re someone that loves to mentor women, solve problems strategically for people and you also have expertise in finance and budgeting. You may consider combining those skills to become a money mindset coach for women or a financial strategy for female business owners.

Set boundaries

Boundaries are really allowing you to know the best stage to start with a client and end with a client. If you’re someone that is starting a business right now, you might be trying to solve too much of the bigger problem or do too many things for too many people.

Similiar to the example I gave in the video, that teacher chose to create a business in the course creation industry.  However, she did not want to teach marketing or the tech pieces of launching a course.  Where she wanted to specialize in was the creation of the course – the curriculum, exercises, and learning processes.  This is what she’s best at (and reflects on her best skills).

This gives her the boundaries she needs to target only people that are struggling with this piece, and her message and copy can be more focused on this.

I would really invite you to really think about boundaries, where you start and where you can end which is the commitment and contribution you’re willing to do, and not the other ‘stuff’ that you don’t truly enjoy.  The more detailed you can get in the niche you help in, the easier clients will be drawn to your work because they’ll say, “I need exactly that!”

Mix and match your skills and your passions

Here’s where you can start by brain dumping all the different skill sets that you may have and get fun with a mix-and-match approach with different skills with passions and interests.

An example:  Let’s say you are someone that is interested in health and wellness and you have the skill sets of writing, event planning, and FB ads.

Your ideas after mixing and matching may be:

  • Create mind and body retreats that I run and facilitate
  • FB ads strategy/implementation for mind/body health workshops and events
  • Website copy for mind/body health related businesses
  • Event management and FB ads strategy/implementation for mind/body health retreats and workshops

There are different ways of deepening those ideas as you play with them and mixing and matching them actually really give you a really good brain down session and allow you to come up with versions of those angles, so you can pick the ones that best suit what you’re willing to do and capable to do today.

What have you solved for yourself that may have been a pain or struggle?

Another way to find your niche is to become the customer.  Think about what you’ve solved for yourself that you may feel meaningful to share or help others with?

In your life, you’ve gone through struggles to be able to solve something for yourself.  Were there any significant turning point moments in your life that created a change for you?

It’s very natural for us to want to help others who are currently going through this, and since we’ve found solutions on how to cope, bypass obstacles, or feel better, we may want to share it.

You can be the person to help them, because you absolutely understand what it feels to go through it, and can help guide them towards a transformation without making the mistakes or facing the obstacles that you did.

There’s huge value there to work with someone like you, especially if where you are now, is where they want to be.

So, look at your life and look at all the significant moments that happened to you. Anything painful could actually be used to help transform other people’s lives.

The big thing here is not to rely only on your resume you can rely on your personal life like things that you achieved, never been paid to do but absolutely still really relevant to the meaning of work that you may want to do because you’re obviously very personally aligned with it simply by going through it from the past.

I have an excellent course called Work Reinvented, that’s going to help you create your own personal self-employment plan based on your best skills and strengths.

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  1. Oh I love this. Thank you so much for writing out these simple steps. I was struggling with how to merge the weird things I love and am good at together. This helps!

  2. I love the mixing and matching of markets to make an awesome site. For example foodie blogging and Travel. Foodie and fashion, fashion and travel.

    Would you limit it just mixing and matching just 2 niches? -I ask as I can see Travel, food and fashion could be pretty awesome – if done right!.

    Your thoughts appreciated.

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