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What Business Should I Start? Learn How You Can Repurpose Your Skills

With Lydia Lee

You Can Repurpose Your Existing Skills To Start A Business, Without Throwing Away Your Years Of Experience.

When you’re thinking about quitting your job, your next question is very likely, “What would I do next? What business could I start?”

Today, I want to break down how you can learn to repurpose the skills you already have to create a business you can love.

So, why am I talking about this today? Well the first thing is I always tell all people that I worked with is:

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do something completely different than anything you’ve ever done before.

Taking what you know and repurposing it into a new direction is going to make the business creation process easier for you.

One of the most common mistakes that I always see that people do is to conclude they will never do the work they may have done in the past because they’ve been traumatized by a job role or an industry.

There can be a lot of missed opportunities and I want to challenge you to view things differently, and from a new perspective before you make that decision.

Just applying your skillsets towards helping a different type of person could actually change how you feel about those very skills.

Changing the outcomes and the results you may lead people to with those skills can change how you feel about your impact and help you feel proud of where your work can lead to.

Take Inventory Of Your Expertise.

Start by taking a pad of paper out or a digital document to brainstorm to take inventory of your know-how and knowledge. What are the things that you’ve been able to do, know how to do, or learned how to do in however many years that you’ve been alive.

Discern and separate the things that you would love to continue to utilize (and would consider doing again) vs. the ones that you can do but you aren’t interested to continue pursuing.

There is a difference in work that you want to do versus work that you can do. There are a lot of things that we can do but may not be something that we are passionate about anymore or want to continue doing in business.

Looking at your now shorter list of the skills and strengths you truly enjoy and are passionate about sharing with other people, what are some ideas you could brainstorm where you could apply those specific skills towards? Think about WHO you may be drawn to help.

Another way to look at is also where would you apply the strengths and skills to be used towards particular OUTCOMES.

What results or destinations would you want to help people towards?

Changing the WHY in how you’re using that skill can breathe new life and fresh perspective in how you utilize and repurpose your expertise

What Are Other Strengths You’ve Got Outside Of Your Resume?

Another way that you can look into different ways of repurposing your skills towards a business idea is to look at something that I think a lot of people overlooked:  Things you were never paid to do but are really good at.

Look at the things you’ve actually solved for yourself in your personal life that you feel passionate to share with other people again.

Remember conversations or questions that your close network of people may ask you all the time.

For example, if you’re a mother that knows how to raise healthy children to be great human beings by creating healthy communication and connection in the household, it can be something you may love to teach or share with the world.

These are circumstances that you may have solved the pain for yourself.  

Your struggles helped you discover a solution to have a better life for yourself in some capacity and you may be called to share it.

Find A Valuable Problem To Solve.

A business is built to solve problems.

So what problems would you like to solve?

You can look at all the skills and strengths that you’ve already taken inventory of as a sort of tool-belt you carry with you at all times.  

Tools you can whip out when you need them.

But until they’re applied towards solving a problem, you won’t know the best direction that you are meant to use your skills for.

What problems do you see in the world that you would like to contribute to solving?

What problems around you in the community in the world that you are living where you feel this need that you want to help create solutions for?

The most valuable thing you can help with is the thing you’re most passionate about to solve, and it’s also extremely valuable to someone else.

Always remember that not everyone knows what you know. What may feel easy for you may not be easy for other people and that is the sweet spot of a great business idea.

Did I wet your whistle on discovering a few ideas on how you can repurpose your existing skills and expertise?

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