Freedom Mindset

Your Parents Were Wrong. You’re Not Supposed To Just Pay Bills And Die

With Lydia Lee

Are you feeling satisfied with your job?

If not, you are among the majority of Americans, and according to statistics, a whopping 52%, are unhappy at work.

You are not alone if you are feeling this deep dissatisfaction in how your life trajectory has been and you are not alone in knowing that the conventional life doesn’t always lead us down the path that we imagined ourselves to be.  

We thought a full-time job was a sign of being an adult, a step towards the ‘American Dream’ of owning a home, having a family, and climbing the corporate ladder.

The truth is, to lead a satisfying life that’s full of meaning, we need to know what that definition is for ourselves, instead of looking externally at what other people are doing, or what even our parents had in terms of happiness.

If you have that feeling of dissatisfaction right now, look at this as an opportunity to realize the clues of what is working and what isn’t working in your current life that you would like to change.

We live in a different age now where opportunities are different and so we have to do different things to have a different life.  Advice from parents, old ways to get to success, and waiting for retirement to get a little freedom just doesn’t add up anymore.

We live in a day and age where it’s so much more possible for us to have the freedom that we deserve as humans.   

Distinguish what’s been taught to you by society and family traditions and know what YOU want.

Acknowledge your family’s values, but know your own true values to help guide you in making more conscious choices for life.

How are you and your parents alike and different?  Take a look at where you resonate with particular learnings from your parents, and where your life choices may need to be different.

Deep life satisfaction comes from knowing the things you’re spending time on leads you to an experience you want to have What would you find more meaningful and fulfilling to spend more time doing?  Then take a look at your where you’re currently spending your time, and make the necessary adjustments to do more things that bring you that feeling of satisfaction more often. 

Think about your ideal life vision – What experiences do you want to have in your lifestyle, career, relationships, and self-growth?  Really envisioning the ideal environments, people, and desires you need to have in those areas can help you define your own version of happiness and success. 

Times have changed – technology allows us to remote-work and build digital businesses like never before.  How can you reinvent your career with the experience you already know to create more independence and freedom?  What new skills may you have to learn to choose a different path?  Get the support, mentorship, and community you need to guide you on where you want to go.

Know what you know is just what you know – How can you get curious about what could be possible for you?  Expand your horizons of knowledge by asking questions, researching how others may be doing what you dream to do, and be in a state of play to look for different perspectives that may change the way you design your life.

Incremental action produces successful changes in your life – Small bite-sized steps at a time of slowly removing and adding more of what you want, starting today, will lead you to own version of happiness.  Don’t wait until you’ve created the best idea for a career or have enough saved up to finally take that trip you wanted to take.  Make small changes in your life that includes experiments of being in the vicinity of opportunities you may want to explore.  Ease yourself into building your confidence with small pursuits.

So, my question for you today is, what is your life experience that you can describe that you truly want your time on earth to be focused on? 

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