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Your Life Story Is Your Business Wisdom

With Lydia Lee

The Milestones Of Your Life Story Can Become The Wisdom You Share In Business.

We tend to overlook what we’ve experienced in our lives as the key to creating meaningful work that’s valuable to share with people in a business.

These “turning point” experiences can give you clues about values you care about and gifts you’ve accumulated along the way.

I like to call these significant experiences “milestones”, sort of like little flags going up the mountain that is your life.

Each flag represents a growth moment. Or a transition to something new. A transformation into becoming a different person.

This helps you to understand your Mastery. It’s the first part of the ingredients you need for finding your Sweet Spot For Meaningful Work…

When it comes to identifying your “Sweet Spot” Business Idea, I always like to start by looking at your Life Story.

What makes your lived experience unique?

Who’s the person you’re becoming?

How is this leading you to share deep wisdom you’ve learned?

If you look back at key Milestones from your Life Story, you’ll start to see how these experiences…

  • Shaped your perspective about yourself and how you see the world.
  • Helped you gain skills to overcome obstacles and solve a worthy problem.
  • Armed you with knowledge and wisdom you feel called to share with others.

My very own Life Story gave me newfound tools, experience, and resources to help others as I grew my business and the value I offer in the last 8 years.

Here’s a quick peek of my timeline!

The concepts, philosophies, and values behind my work comes directly from my own life journey.

It helped me gain clarity on…

  • Who I feel called to serve (it’s common to help people who are just like you, but a few steps behind).
  • What I teach in my offers that are grounded upon the wisdom I want to share.
  • How I position my brand message to attract soulmate clients who resonate with my story and values.

My life experiences SHAPES my body of work, year after year, as yours can too.

Your life story gives you clues to the message and purpose you want to share.

Your life experience gives you the wisdom to use with your skills to amplify the value you can offer.

The very first step of clarity I take with my students at the 90 Day Launch Academy is to support them in finding their Sweet Spot For Meaningful Work.

From doing this deep work of understanding their Life Story & Wisdom, they become confident about the direction of a business they want to create from that place.

It gives them confidence to who they can serve with their experience, how to design a valuable offer with their wisdom, and use their unique story to stand out with their brand.

Would you love to finally figure out the meaningful work you want to do in a business you’ll love to launch?

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