Career Change

Taking Safe Risks To Become An Entrepreneur

With Lydia Lee

Creating Safe Conditions To De-Risk Your Leap To Entrepreneurship

Most of us are not a “jump off a cliff and hope the parachute opens” kinda people.

For us to do bigger and courageous things, we need to feel safe in taking the risk for exploring entrepreneurship. 

Making the transition from full-time employment to full-blown entrepreneur isn’t going to happen overnight. But it also doesn’t mean you have to wait until everything in your life is perfect (hint: it never will be) to start making moves.

In fact, I’ve seen my clients create more effective businesses when they slow things down to do it more ease-fully.

How do we create the safety nets you need to support your road to becoming an entrepreneur?

Two things that can make all the difference…

1. Explore Through a Safe Side Hustle

Call it a side gig, side project, or side biz – the point of creating something smaller and manageable allows you to keep working full time at your job if you need it to feel financially secure right now.

The awesome part of this being a mini thing you can do part time is that you are exploring ideas and testing if they work for you before you go all in on time, energy, and money.

Side hustles can come in many creative forms, and here are some examples from my own clients:

  • Offering a small part of their scope of work as a consultant for past colleagues or bosses they worked with.
  • Creating a mini course from their passion on the weekends and focusing on getting their first 10 students.
  • Starting a blog to build an audience and explore topics that can be interesting and profitable to create a service around in the near future.
  • Designing a tiny offer to coach people through one specific problem and practice doing the work to create a bigger framework for a more robust coaching program.

The big message here? Starting small is beautiful. Doing less to get started helps you to be much more focused in what you can create.

And the best part? It can be done in conjunction with a job and while raising your family.

As you gain more clarity, better skills, and confidence through a side hustle, this will prepare you for turning it into a bigger business.

2. Create a Safe Support System & Environment to Thrive

Safety nets also include a safe environment to do big things through support systems – like having a community and getting mentorship for doing the things you dream to do.

Having the right people around us can be the ultimate thing that propels you towards achieving more than what you think you’re capable of doing.

We can be our own worst critics, am I right? It can be hard to motivate ourselves when we’re busy talking ourselves OUT of things.

Furthermore, you only know what you know.

Starting and growing a business is new to you.

If you’re starting entrepreneurship for the first time, it’s unrealistic to feel like you need to have it all “together” to do it right.

We need feedback, sounding boards, and experienced humans to help us course correct and keep persevering, instead of our own internal feedback loop (this is certainly why I see so many people spinning in circles with their new business).

When we cultivate supportive people and belong to a space that can nurture our skills, know-how, and also keep us accountable to our dreams, big things DO happen.

And it’s never done alone.

Why This Matters in How I Coach My Clients

What I’ve learned from collaborating with my clients for many years is this:

You don’t need more content and information.

You need personalized guidance and a supportive space to do the work.

Most importantly, a place where you’re feeling un-rushed and un-hustled to move forward with your dream business.

A big reason why I’ve redesigned my signature program, 90 Day Launch Academy, to give students Lifetime Access, is so that I can help you honour your personal rhythm and feel good about the sustainable timing you need to launch your dream business.

Some people may launch in 90 days.

Some do it in 6 months.

Some may take 12 months while they prioritize family and other important things.

Whatever your journey, it can be in a safe and realistic timeline that works for the life you’re living today.

You can keep receiving guidance from the course and mentorship from the calls until you simply don’t need us anymore.

It’s less of the “rushy and hustle-y” mentality, and instead, gives you the spaciousness to get a business up and running with more ease.

So if this is the kind of experience you want to have…

A structured but intuitive program that helps you build a business on your terms.
A seasoned business mentor that guides you every step of the way.
A safe community filled with heart-centred people who root for your success.

I would love to invite you to work with me!

You can work with me in two ways…

Option #1: Group Coaching – the program + community + monthly coaching calls.

Option #2: 1:1 Coaching – everything above + one-to-one coaching with me as your business partner.

Right now, I’m offering a Summer Sale 🌟 before prices go up on August 1st.

That means you’ll save $400 – $1,000 depending on the option you choose.

If now is the right time for you to gain autonomy over your career and build a business that gives you the life you want, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to work together!

Take a peek at what’s inside the 90 Day Launch Academy.

If you’d love to join the group program, apply here.

If 1:1 mentorship is what you’re interested in, book a call here.

If you feel called to become an entrepreneur, follow the call. It’s arising for a reason.


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