Monetize Your Skills & Find Out What People Want To Buy

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Your work matters in the world, and my job is to help you get it out there.

How do you monetize your skills and know what people want to buy?

I just got off a coaching call with a student, who had spent a lot of time previously trying to get her business off the ground.

“I would be more confident in launching my business if I knew what to offer that people really want to buy”, she says.

So I asked her, “What have you done to identify what people want to buy?”

She proceeded to tell me these three common things that most new business owners do:

  • Took a stab in figuring out what I think my clients will want.
  • Looked at some people in my niche to get ideas of what I can offer.
  • Thought if I started with offering something more general, I’d start to figure out what I want to sell.

Here’s what talking to this client tells me…she’s not confident about what she offers because she’s guessing what people want, and that’s why she hasn’t been confident about launching her business at all.

She’s done what most new business owners do, which is building a business in isolation, and not in collaboration.

Collaborative value creation is when we talk to our ideal customers and work with them to figure out how to solve their urgent problems.

Market research and gathering intel through meaningful conversations are so important in building a business that serves others, but it’s also a practice not everyone does (or teaches) in business.

When we don’t do the deep work of gathering the right people to gain information about their needs, problems, and desires, we’re ultimately throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping it sticks.

Sound familiar?

To feel confident to attract clients, launch your business, and monetize your gifts, you have to be confident in what you can DO for customers to get them to their desired goals.

If you aren’t confident about your coaching process, services, or approach in how you help, launching and marketing a business feels hard.

If you want to be confident in creating the RIGHT offer for your business, here’s what you need to get real clear on:

1. Who You Define As An Ideal Customer

You’re not here to serve everyone on the planet. Nor is your ideal customer defined by their demographics (age, where they’re from, etc.).

The ideal customer for you is defined by the core problem you love to solve for them. The core problem you create solutions for is what clarifies the niche your business is in.

2. What Your Customers Need To Eradicate This Problem

Your ideal customers have a missing gap of skills, knowledge, and capabilities to solve their problems on their own. They need YOU, the person who is passionate about this topic and someone who has experience and passion to support them.

Knowing what they need in terms of new skills, knowledge, support, accountability, and information will help you to craft a Framework on what you need to do to lead them to their goals.

3. How You’ll Work With Them To Produce Great Results

You have particular strengths and a unique personality in how you want to work and deliver the transformation you can give in your work. How you package your services and expertise matters in your personal enjoyment in delivering that work.

Some of my clients love the one-to-one experience, so they can dig deep into the work with each customer. For some of my introverted clients, their ‘sweet spot’ is a combination of short calls combined with research and auditing work in the background.

How you want to work is personal to your lifestyle choices and personality type, so intentionally designing how you want to do this work so that your best self shows up, will ensure you also create amazing results for your customers.

These three questions are so important to answer if you want to launch a business you’ll love, and be confident knowing what you can offer that’s profitable and purposeful.

And it’s not something you need to do alone. You can do it with collaboration with real humans that represent your potential customers even before you launch.

The powerful process of leveraging effective Market Research to identify the core problems to solve from the actual mouths of your ideal customers is going to eliminate the guessing game, and give you validated information on the solutions people want to buy.

Taking the time to use that information to choose where you want to position your work supports you in designing a Valuable Offer that utilizes your strengths and unique know-how.

Then, Beta Testing that offer with preliminary test clients helps you experience a run-through, so that you can refine how you want to work from working with real humans. And a bonus? You’ll receive credibility, experience, and early testimonials that’ll make you super confident to launch your business.

This is why getting clarity of your ideal customers, learning about what they need through effective market research, designing real value in your offer, and beta-testing are some of the most important steps inside of my 90 Day Launch framework.

And I regularly hear from my students that they’ve gotten more traction in their business than ever before after they go through this process inside the program.

If you’d like to experience what that’s like… while getting some crystal clear clarity on who your market is, exactly what it is they want from you… and how to create offers that serves your clients in a powerful way…

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