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Building a Business That Gives Me Time For My Family
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Building a Business to Create More Time For My Family

I’m excited to introduce you to Catalina Riebe in this client feature, who I worked with to create, build, and grow her first business out of corporate.  Armed with the intention of creating more flexibility and time freedom in her life (as she had a new baby coming at the time), we designed a business focus that allowed her to leverage her most valuable skills in a niche that needed a fresh voice and approach.

“It was important for me to create a flexible work environment that had allowed me to be with my baby daughter.” – Catalina

 catalina riebe and lydia lee

Catalina is now a coach and course creator that simplifies video marketing and Youtube strategy for impact changemakers who have a big voice to share.

She helps small businesses build their businesses and expert brands online using YouTube and Advertising.  If you’re a business coach, health coach, or motivational speaker looking to grow your brand and online presence, and you’ve been in business for a few years, she’s your go-to gal for expanding your current brand. 

Her Unique Value:  “I help people lose their fear of being on camera, build a content strategy for their YouTube channels that supports their brand and business goals while building a process to create video content that attracts their ideal clients.”

Why She’s So Passionate About Her Work:  “I am passionate about helping other people with amazing causes, especially women business owners, to expand their message to as many people as possible using YouTube and advertising. I believe about making the world and our society better by supporting other committed citizens with their projects.”

Here’s Catalina’s very own words on our experience coaching together and what she’s learned to reinvent her work from the corporate world to building her a business to fit the lifestyle choices she wants.

What prompted you to decide to work with me?

I was working as a senior manager at corporate, which was a safe and relatively well-paid job, but I felt like it was sucking my soul. I tried to look for other jobs, but everything out there looked the same. I had the fortune to have worked abroad right after University, and I wanted to go back to that type of work. Still, I had no idea how to get myself there or if it was even possible.

I found Lydia through a friend who worked with her, and I knew that working together was the right decision to materialize my dream of working on my own with a business that spoke to my heart.

What was the biggest transformation and results you experienced?

The most significant outcomes were switching my mindset from employee to entrepreneur, creating a solid idea, with a plan and business strategy that started my business with confidence, which I have now been running for two years.

What has been most important for you to learn to create the kind of business that helps you to build the life you want?

The most important aspect has been creating a flexible work environment that had allowed me to raise my baby daughter, while helping very inspiring entrepreneurs with their amazing projects and businesses. I’ve also loved empowering people to learn how to be in front of the camera and share their valuable voices.

If you were to speak to someone who wants to build a meaningful life and business, what would be your advice for him or her?

My advice would be to give it a shot. It might look scary, but Lydia gives you personalized tools and strategies to make the transition smooth and less frightening while honouring your skills, your values, and what is important to you. Building a business is lots of work, but fun!

What are you most excited about right now?

I am super excited about my YouTube coaching and done for you services where I help my clients build & grow their channels. I also help my clients lose the fear of being on camera so that they can feel more empowered and reach new audiences with their natural charm.


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