Meaningful Business

Are You Building The Right Business For the Life You Want?

With Lydia Lee

Is your work designed to fit the life you want?

The business you should be building for YOUR life doesn’t necessarily need to look like everyone else’s.

How you design it needs to consider your personality, your style of most pleasurable work, and most importantly, how it allows you to live your life.

Put up your hand if you’re tired of measuring yourself up to the next Marie Forleo, Lewis Howes, or whoever else out there that’s super famous?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

What if the business you build is designed for YOUR needs? Perhaps the life you want isn’t to build an empire at all.

If you’re feeling exhausted from listening to what people say out there about what’s defined as a ‘successful’ business, this video is to shift how you create a business that lets you live the life you want (and no, it doesn’t have to be a 6 or 7 figure business).

Growing bigger is not always necessary.

2 years ago, when I listened to other people on what they believed I should do to scale and make more money in my business, I failed to take a necessary pause to evaluate what I wanted in a business that felt right for me.

I fell into the trap of looking at the ‘usual’ way other coaches were growing, and build a team, and do more more more.

And then know you know what happened? I got super disconnected from my work, and I realized…I hate managing people!

Being honest about what success meant for me.

More than six years ago when I started my businesses (yes there were more than one!), I had one important life choice that was important to me: To have the freedom to earn a living from anywhere.

Being able to have a home base in Bali, travel to my hometown of Vancouver every summer, and explore other countries each year isn’t an accidental plan.

It was intentional, and I’ve had to make conscious choices in my business over the years to maintain the lifestyle that brought me so much joy.

But, much more than just this, the way I schedule my days, what kind of services I offer, and even how I market my work are essential pieces to the business model that allows me to live the life I want, and do the work I want.

Not just the location-independent life. But the kind of life where I made sure the way I was serving in my business or how I connected with my clients felt PLEASURABLE, not forced.

I can just imagine that when I have new additions to my life, a partner, potential future children, whatever else that will become important to me, my business design will need to adapt to those needs.

Many people that come to me to help focus on the ‘making money’ bit first, but aren’t considering other beneficial values, like more time or more flexibility. Or the approach of how pleasurable or not in the way they’re making the dolla dolla bills.

Here are 2 questions to consider right now to get a sense of how you may want to build your business to fit your life:

 1. What’s ONE thing that’s non-negotiable in your lifestyle choice that your work must allow you to have?

2. What’s important for your career or business to ensure your work feels PLEASURABLE?

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