Your Personal Brand Story

When You Shift Careers
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Want to Feel Confident in Telling Your Story When You Change Careers?

If you’re shifting your work to start a new business or project, you might be feeling like you’re having a bit of a professional identity crisis.

You might be thinking, “How do I explain this shift in my work? Do I leave out what I’ve done before and just talk about my new direction?”

You don’t have to disregard the experience and expertise you’ve accumulated, but your work is evolving and it’s time to speak about it differently.

Watch the video below to learn how to tie your story together to help others support you, collaborate with you, or hire you in your next chapter of work.

Tie your career change story to create meaning for your next chapter of work.

When you can craft a powerful personal brand story, it won’t matter how many projects or businesses you may start.

Your brand, values, and story can tie in to help people truly understand the remarkable body of work you are building, for years to come!

You’ll also start to see how your work in past careers was meaningful for you to experience because it has lead you to a bigger purpose with your work.

This can happen in every shift, expansion, and wherever your work evolves into in the near future.

Reinvent Yourself: How to Live Out Your Vision For a Meaningful Life and Career

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