Find Your "Sweet Spot" Business Idea

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How Do You Find The “Sweet Spot” For The Right Business Idea For You?

I know that one of the biggest frustrating questions you may have been trying to grapple with is…

What business do you want to start?

You want a business to be the vehicle for work you’re motivated to do.

Work that feels deeply interesting for you where even your multiskills and multipassions can come alive.

And, work you can be proud of that’s meaningful for you to share.

I believe we all have a “sweet spot” for meaningful work we can start today.

Your sweet spot is something you’re good at, that you like to do, and people will pay you for.

But, it can feel difficult to pick a focus for a business, especially if you’re someone who’ve had a multitude of skills, experience, and passions.

The process of finding one’s sweet spot requires us to self assess and reinvent what we know how to do into meaningful ways to offer our skills into a new role we can create for ourselves.

This video will help you utilize what you already know how to do to create a business, deploy your skills in a more meaningful direction, and support you in making an impact with your work.

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In The Video, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Identify the 3 important ingredients for your “sweet spot” business idea.
  • Discern what you want to do vs. what you think you have to do.
  • Connect your skills and deep interests with problems people would pay for you to solve.
  • Discover the “ripple effect” of how your work can impact people to know the big message you want to share in your business.

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