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3 Ways To Build Your Credibility As A New Coach

With Lydia Lee

Building Trust And Credibility As A New Coach. 

If you’re starting a new coaching business, you may be wondering…

“How do I get people to trust what I have to say as a new coach?”

Maybe you haven’t worked with a ton of people before and may be comparing yourself to other more seasoned coaches in your field and the imposter syndrome is creeping up.

​In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing why you already have what it takes to share value as a new coach, even if you haven’t had a long list of clients and a recognized brand just yet.

In The Video, You’ll Learn:

  • The simplest way to start building trust to attract a genuine audience for your business.
  • How to find the intersection between what you’re interested to talk about and what your customers want.
  • Why it’s important to be consistent to show your audience how they can rely on you for sharing helpful content.
  • The power of choosing simple but aligned ways to promote your business, so that you’ll actually enjoy the act of marketing.

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