Think Only a Snazzy Website Can Attract Your Ideal Clients?

It’s a common stuck point for a lot of people that don’t feel ‘techy’, and feel like they have to wait for a website to start getting clients.

You may be spending hours on end trying to get a website up, and it may not be your saving grace when it comes to attracting your ideal customers.

Right now, you may be in the midst of growing your business as a consultant, freelance, and small business owner.

Focusing on building relationships can be your secret weapon in gaining warmer leads rather than cold leads from the internet.

If you don’t have a website right now, you CAN still find clients with human-first strategies that sell your services effectively.

You likely have ‘watering holes’ you can tap into that you’ve already built social equity with.  There are networks, communities, and associations you can align with as a way to sell your services.

I explain how to leverage what you’ve got right now to find clients for your business in this week’s video.

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Video Takeaways

  • Why human relationships are warmer client leads than the internet
  • Where 80% of my service-based clients have found their first clients
  • How to find your ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities in the community and network you’ve already built
  • The importance of using platforms you’re familiar with and where your ideal clients hang out
  • How to use referrals as a strategy to gain more like-minded clients

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