Meaningful Business

Build A Business That Feels Like YOU

With Lydia Lee

Designing the way you do business to align with your values and personality ensures you’re building a business that feels like YOU.

Today, I’m going to share how you can impact more people by doing things in-line with your genius zone, and gain success in your business more joyfully.

This video was inspired and brought to you by my experience dealing with a webinar troll.

I’ve been hosting free webinars as a way to help people navigate change at work during the time of Covid-19. A couple of weeks ago, I brought a guest on the show to share ‘what’s worked’ for us in using LinkedIn to connect with clients + build genuine relationships.

A business owner joined the stream and proceeded to troll us and even emailed me to counter every personal experience we’ve shared with ‘what’s worked’ for both of us. He probably wanted the hacks, the metrics, the ‘formula’. He was super focused on the metrics of followers we had and downplayed other human-first strategies that weren’t those vanity metrics.

He even wrote me a lengthy email explaining his displeasure for attending it, because you know, he HAD to stay for the full hour of the webinar!

Instead of telling him to kindly go away, I explained a few things to him that I thought would be worth sharing in this week’s video, so you can design your business to suit your values and personality.

Your Takeaway Today:

1. You don’t need to be an expert in anything to share your experience and be helpful.

Sharing ‘what works’ for each individual business owner from different personalities, strengths, and opportunities are essential to other business owners steering away from fake ‘foolproof’ formulas and learn raw and real experiences that actually made the difference for their businesses.

These raw + real conversations are what we need right now in the business space, not just what’s been successful for you, but the journey to get to better results.  These are the types of activities to celebrate and share, rather than just feeling you’re good enough to share only if you’ve reached a successful milestone.  

No wonder so many of us have imposter syndrome sharing our voice when we have this limiting belief.

There isn’t just ONE way to get there, and we can learn from each other’s experiences and personality types.

2. Stay true to the metrics that matter to you

Our metrics of success aren’t linked to vanity metrics like the number of likes + commentary. I’ve built a 6-figure business not because I have a million followers on my channels, but because of the number of deep, rich, and authentic conversations I’ve had with real humans one-to-one.

You can’t always see those metrics on my platforms, and this troll was certainly focused on that as the only credibility I had in the game. For a micro-business like mine, with high-touch services, the quality of my relationships are more important than the number of my fans.

For many of you, your attention to meaningful conversations and relationships ARE your metrics of success.

3.  Focus on sharing what you know and meet people where they’re at.

You can’t please every single level of learning. You can only share and teach what’s relevant to YOUR audience. Sharing the foundations as a starting point for people helps to meet them where they’re at, not a faraway dream that they can’t reach right now.

These ‘basic’ steps can be more important to people just to START, rather than boasting about your stats and metrics and how they too, can get there.

I thought I’ll share this today because as we are all doing more webinars, open zoom rooms, and being more visible in the public arena to help people more than ever, we’ll likely encounter a lot of critical feedback as much as we will be valued by people who need our work.

Focus on THEM, not the trolls.

Do you, and keep sharing your behind the scenes experiences and continue to be helpful – we need you!

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