Solopreneur Strategies

3 Proven Strategies to Boost Confidence and Credibility in Your New Business

With Lydia Lee

Am I good enough to charge for my work?

If you’re starting a new business for the first time, you’re probably grappling with the feelings of self-doubt.

You might find yourself asking questions like:

“Do I have what it takes to charge for my services?”

“Will anyone even buy what I’m offering?”

“Am I an impostor pretending to know what I’m doing?”

Here’s the thing – true confidence in your business isn’t something that just magically happens.

I’ve worked with countless clients and students who have faced similar doubts and fears.

That’s why today, I’m excited to share with you the top 3 strategies that I teach my clients to have credibility for what they’re offering (even with a new business) and be confident charging for it!

In this video, I share:

  • Three ways to boost TRUE confidence in your business instead of the “fake it to make it” way.
  • Why being a “generalist” is the worst thing for your confidence and credibility.
  • How to stop guessing what to offer in your business and what to do instead to validate what people will actually invest in.
  • The key to getting early testimonials and social proof for your work so you can feel confident to get clients and get paid!

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