Raves & testimonials

Amber Smith

I didn’t know where my business was heading. I knew that I wanted to grow, but I didn’t really know where to get started. Having Lydia as a coach, accountability partner, and now (what I consider to be) my friend helped me to open my eyes to the possibility of all that I can achieve. Lydia was such a great coach. She really helped me gain clarity in my own coaching practice. She has a no-nonsense but she clearly wants me to succeed. I feel like I found a lifelong friend.

Louise Graham

I started to work with Lydia after a four month break from working on my business. After four weeks of coaching with Lydia – and after busting a few fears with her – I had a brand / logo, website mock-up and pitch developed and I presented my new business idea to a room packed with people. She’s intelligent, has a massive amount of knowledge and she’s extremely focused which is something I really value.

Diane Hopkins

Lydia strikes the right balance of compassion and non-nonsense ‘reality-check’ advice that has gently supported me in taking back my own power in my life. She has guided me to look more honestly at myself and how I react to challenging situations that crop up in my life, helping me to identify the lessons that are blocking me from moving forward and creating my dream life.

Lydia’s coaching came along at the right time when I was ready to go beyond ‘sugar-coated’ support and suggestions from friends and step up into taking full responsibility for what I was experiencing in my life. She is committed to helping me know my own value and her coaching facilitates me in a step-by-step process of moving into a new line of work that expresses my full potential and gifts. I no longer have any excuses to keep playing it small!

Sophia Darkaoui

Lydia will get you out of your comfort zone quicker than you think. Lydia has helped me have faith in my skills and experience and use it in a way I feel comfortable to create my own company. I used to be scared to put myself out there, online, and scared to ‘sell’ myself in front of a public. Thanks to Lydia’s coaching method being scared is no longer part of my state of mind. She unlocked the go-getter in me and I couldn’t be more thankful. I am now ready to put myself out there and talk about my business with confidence.


Before working with Lydia, my perception of work is very much like driving through a traffic jam in the passenger seat – the built up tension, fear and assumption over every worst possible scenario runs rampant in my head.“

After working with Lydia, I’ve learned what it means to gain inner spaciousness, embrace my sensibilities and and digest work into bite size bits so I can easily gain momentum and drive through with clarity ahead.

Being able to say goodbye to my old self and the archaic system that no longer serves me is very empowering and I couldn’t have done without Lydia’s help!

Birta Bjargardottir

I am so happy to have worked with Lydia on taking my business to the next level. After working together, I have a much clearer vision about where to take my business and the steps to follow to make it happen. Lydia went above and beyond to work with me towards my goals, and she is an absolute breath of fresh air, by giving extremely valuable insight and focus. If you need help and direction with your work, I recommend working with Lydia 100%!

Mary Schiller

Working with Lydia Lee has been one of the most dynamic experiences of my professional life. Her ability to quickly recognize someone’s strengths and then bring them out into the open is astounding. With her action-oriented, goal-setting approach, there is time for thought, yes — but not too much time.

Lydia doesn’t allow you to get bogged down in ideas that will take your eye off the prize. Instead, she gently course corrects and brings you back to center, always moving forward.

I can’t speak highly enough of her commitment to her clients’ success. And — bonus! — she’s just an awesome human being.


Lydia was so many things to me during our time together. A wealth of knowledge, an accountability partner, and intuitive coach, and a great cheerleader.

I loved the structure she created during our time together and it helped me relax and really focus on my next steps.

I loved working with her and the biggest transformation is that I’ve been taking imperfect action and it’s not terrifying.


If you are open to changing your habits and belief systems, and truly want to be pushed out of your comfort zone to create a lifestyle and work-life balance of your dreams, Lydia is your coach. She cares deeply about people and helping them build a lifestyle where they can thrive and be of benefit to themselves, others, and the world around them.

Working with her changed my life and my approach to work entirely. I no longer dread work!

Clare H

As a former writer and journalist. I was used to being paid by the word or by the article. the idea of creating packages to sell was completely beyond comprehension. Not only is Lydia great at helping you figure out what skills you have the people will buy, but she will take you step by step through the process of creating a package and taking it to market: the strategy, the tactics and the tools. 

And it works. To my amazement, clients have emerged wanting to buy products that I created.