I don’t believe in exchanging my freedom for growth.

In the last 6 years of being a business owner, I’ve trialed many types of service-based models to experiment with what works for the lifestyle choices I want.

For many years, I thought that growing bigger was the only way to be successful in my business.

However, if having flexibility in your life while running a business is important to you, staying small strategically to do less but better may be more in-line with this value.

Choosing to be a Solopreneur gave me the lifestyle freedom to work from anywhere with a simplified model that fits with the kind of life I want to have. 

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What Are The Benefits Of A Solopreneur Business?

Lifestyle Freedom and Flexibility:
  Having a solo business helps me to be location-independent and the ability to work from anywhere.  As an avid traveller, it was important for me to pick a model of work that allows me to have life choices that were important to me.

The flexibility of being a one-woman business works helps me to simplify my growth through the stages of Solopreneurship.  There’s no complicated aspects of my business I have to deal with and I can make quick decisions on when I want to work and with whom I want to work for.

Deeper Work Through Premium Services:  I’m a deep diver and feel fulfilled by my work when I’m able to have a more personalized relationship with my clients.

The great thing about offering higher end services is that I don’t need many clients to earn what I need in my business.  It’s focused on a very specific type of client that pays for this intimacy and personalization.  I do better work, and my clients are happier because of it.

Low Overhead and Costs to Upkeep:  I’m a big fan of a Minimalist Business because it helps me to focus on what the essentials are and to do less, but better.

Running a Minimalist Business goes hand in hand with the way I like being a Solopreneur.  There aren’t any heavy expenses to upkeep like employees, software, or an office space.  Keeping my costs low means that I can keep more of what I earn, and use it to fund my lifestyle costs or save for the future.

No Need to Manage People:  I’ll be honest here, I don’t love managing people.  This is not to be confused with the fact that I still love working with people.

A Solopreneur business means I’m the primary asset (and I charge well for it), but it also means that I consciously choose specific types of contractors, freelancers, and strategists to work with.  They are still a part of my ‘team’, but I’m not responsible for the livelihood.  I don’t need to train or manage them on a daily basis because I choose to work with well experienced individuals that do what they do way better than me.

Does Solopreneurship Sound Like a Model That Fits Your Personality, Values, and Life You Want to Build?

Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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