How We Reframe Our Mistakes And Deal With It Determines How Successful We Will Be In Life.

As we enter a brand new decade in 2020, you’ve likely been reflecting on what happened in 2019 and looking to build fresh intentions for a new year.

You may be looking at some of the things you didn’t do or failed to accomplish last year.

This can bring in feelings of failure and you’ll likely get hard on yourself (like I do) for not achieving what you set out to do.

However, the ability to reframe how you see your mistakes is the key to building your resilience and knowledge to deal with failure, which is going to happen over and over again in your life anyway.

There are answers and deep lessons learned to progress you forward towards the life and work you want to have.

How can you gain these insights?

Watch this week’s video episode where I share how your obstacles and personal challenges can actually give you the answers you need.

2020 Goal Setting & Vision Mapping Workshop

Learn how to craft the right goals to experience your best year yet and learn how you can commit and stay consistent to achieve your goals.

Takeaways For How to Reframe Your Mistakes

  • How to look for answers in your challenges to grow and develop as a human
  • Why you shouldn’t throw in the towel when you make a mistake and what to do instead
  • Why failure builds the resilience and persistence you require to accomplish amazing things 
  • The gifts that our mistakes and failures give to us that you may have failed to see
  • How to focus your attention on new resources and means to achieve your goals when you ‘fail’

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