How To Get Your First Clients And Pitch To Them (3 Simple Tips)

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Your work matters in the world, and my job is to help you get it out there.

Getting Clients For Your Online Business Is A Priority Goal To Ensure You’re Building A Profitable Business.

But, I also know that it can feel daunting for first-time business owners.

Where do you find these clients?

How do you pitch to them?

And how do you plan your marketing efforts to attract more clients to your business?

In my newest video, I’ll show you a few simple and effective ways to get your first clients for your online business, so you can start sharing your wonderful work with more people.

After watching it, I’ll think you’ll find that getting clients doesn’t have to feel so daunting.

It may just inspire you to know that you can plant the seeds for clients to find you, in simple and authentic ways you can start today.

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In The Video, You’ll Learn:

  • The most under-utilized place to get your first clients that’s right under your nose.
  • How you can build trust and credibility as a new business owner by doing this one thing consistently.
  • Why a simple, not complicated marketing plan will actually get you to show up to be visible for your business.
  • How to use a quick template I’ve created for you to promote your business and start telling people what you do.

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