Can I Combine My Passions Into ONE Business?

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Your work matters in the world, and my job is to help you get it out there.

I’ve always been one of those people who have a lot of passions.

When you’re multipassionate, it can feel like pulling teeth when you’re asked to choose just ONE.

“But Lydia, I’m a multifaceted human. How can I just be one thing for the rest of my life?”

I know, I know. I’m familiar with this struggle too.

And, you’re not alone. Many people who have a brain and spirit for variety and creativity struggle with this too.

The good news is that you can move out of the angst and frustration so that you can get unstuck from indecision to move your business forward.

Give Yourself Space To Experiment

To figure out your best skills to turn into a profitable (and purposeful!) business, you simply can’t ‘think it out’.

The only way to really know is to engage with the work.

Let yourself explore what you love doing, enjoy helping on, and where you can create the most impact.

Remember those internships we used to do when we got out there in the corporate world? Well, those internships helped us to figure out which specialty in our vocation is right for us.

As adults, we’ve lost the art of self-internships. We think we’re supposed to ‘have it all figured out’.

What if you took the pressure off your shoulders about choosing the BEST business idea right now, and instead, focus on testing out the different skills you’ve got by actually sharing those gifts with people who need what you can do?

When I work with students in the 90 Day Launch Academy, we create the space to experiment by beta-testing a variety of ways to explore the work they think they want to do.

When they give themselves permission to test, they discover what they love doing and which skills offered the most value for their test clients.

They start to see where they may fit in the marketplace. How they like to work. What problems they love solving and what may not be right for where they’re at.

Feeling validated in knowing which skills can be turned into a business by engaging with it, will support you in making the right decision of which business focus to pursue.

Focus On Problems To Gain Business Clarity

What ensures that you get paid in a business? Your ability to solve PROBLEMS.

A business is profitable when it can solve a valuable problem a specific audience has.

Focusing on a core problem for your business lets the right audience find you more easily.

[Watch: A Less Complicated Way To Find Your Niche]

It’s easier for you to create solutions because you won’t be a generalist that says, “I’m a Life Coach for anyone who wants to change their lives”.

People want to hire someone specialized in their problem. It gives them the confidence to hire you because you’ll have a deep focus on the work.

When you know the core problem you want to solve, like “I want to help mothers reclaim their identity and live a personally fulfilling life beyond motherhood”, you can choose to teach or coach on concepts that apply to help them solve that problem and achieve specific outcomes.

And guess what?

You can use your multi-skills, gifts, and talents to solve ONE core problem.

Combine Skills That Enhance Your Work

In fact, your work is more valuable when you can use a marriage of skills that amplify your work.

These are skills that are helpful to your clients in advancing them forward towards their bigger goal.

You can choose to use certain skills and share specific passions throughout the journey of working with your clients.

Using the same example for a Life Coach For Moms…let’s say you have a passion for meditation, habit building, coaching, and project management.

Well, if you’re a big believer in starting a mindful morning routine as a mom, you may share your daily meditation techniques to help ground her day.

When your mom client needs support in caring for herself first before taking care of everyone else, you may coach her on sustaining healthy habits to prioritize her needs before falling into old habits of pleasing others first.

You can creatively use your project management skills to help her plan her week more effectively so that she doesn’t feel so exhausted every week.

See where I’m going here?

You can still have variety in your work, and you won’t be just a ‘one-trick pony’.

You get to utilize a lot more of YOU, your multipassions, and your unique selling proposition.

That’s what’s going to attract a lot more people to work with you!

How Can Your Multipassions Be Used To Help Others?

So, I want to ask you today…how can your multipassions be used to support and help others in a meaningful way?

Deciding on the right business to start and how you can use your best strengths and skills to earn a living from, is the exact first module we start with called the Explore Phase, in my 90 Day Launch Academy.​

After going through the Explore Phase, one of my students, Remington, said…


The Explore Phase helped me reignite the spark of creativity and joy in the brainstorming and visioning process of my business creation.

It got me in contact with a creative side of mine that I had been disconnected from in the past years, and made it feel easier to refine my mission and vision in what I wanted to do.


Mindfulness Coach, Dao Of Now

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