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Walk & Talk Sessions

Is this for you?

If you’re on this page, you’re interested to explore working with me on a tiny one-on-one session. I rarely do one-off sessions these days, but I also know how much a powerful conversation can get you unstuck and moving forward.

I hate the idea of being tied to my computer all day and always feel like a million bucks when I’m out walking in nature. So I thought, how can I combine doing these sessions with another activity that improves my lifestyle?

That’s how the Walk & Talk session was born!

We’ll spend one-on-one time together in a 1-hour audio call, working on your work reinvention or business-building questions. I come up with brilliant ideas when I’m walking.

These sessions can be so heart and mind-opening for myself and my clients, especially when we move our bodies while having a conversation. Our session will be done virtually which means that you can choose a spot to walk wherever you’re at while speaking to me.

A Walk & Talk Session is $197 USD for an hour of my one-on-one time. My usual coaching rate is $300 USD a session when I’m at the ‘office’, so this is a wonderful deal if you’d like to work with me.

Please note this will not be the best option for everyone, so please read more below and see what you think.

The 4 Catches

Before you book let’s make sure it’s a fit for you:

Catch #1: I’ll be walking during the call

I’ll be walking outdoors while we have our coaching session. Hopefully, you’ll be doing that too. I’ve found that the ‘flow’ happens when we talk things out and move our bodies. I may pause and take notes if I need to and send you resources post-call. But you’ll likely hear roosters, birds, village life, etc. when I’m walking in the neighbourhood around my home in Bali.

Catch #2: No screens during the call

We’re going to be chatting audio-only via a Zoom link. I won’t be reviewing any written materials that require me to be on a laptop. I won’t read things you email me before the call, but you’ll get a chance to tell me more about what you want to talk about in the form when you book a session. If you want my eyes on something, you may want to book a Sweet Spot Session or join my Mentorship Program.

Catch #3: I may interrupt you

An hour goes by faster than you think. I want to honour your time and ensure you get tremendous value out of the call. If I sense you’re rambling or going into a tangent, I’ll interrupt you and get us back on track. The intent is not to be rude, but to deeply respect your time and money.

Catch #4: Have reasonable expectations

If you’re coming with the expectation that you’ll have all your life and business problems solved in one hour, please don’t book a session. An hour is not a lot of time, but it can be deeply worthwhile to get clarity and support for 1-2 problems you’re facing. I want you to walk away feeling lighter with less weight on your shoulders.

Still interested?

If this feels like the right fit for you, let’s have a Walk & Talk date!

Here are examples of topics we can Walk & Talk about:

Repurposing your existing skills into a business and ideas you can use to start making money with your gifts.

Identifying your meaningful work and the unique value proposition you have with your strengths and experience.

Positioning your niche and services in the marketplace so you can sell your offers effectively to ideal clients.

Making the shift from your job to an independent business and taking the leap safely and confidently.

Marketing strategies to get your business seen and found by your ideal clients with an approach that doesn’t compromise your integrity and values.

Prioritizing your goals so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and focus on what’s essential to grow your business.

Starting your side hustle and the best way forward to validating your business ideas and feeling confident about what you have to offer.

This hour is for YOU, so choose what’s most meaningful for you to chat with me about!

Remember, we only have 1 hour together, so it’s best to go deep into one topic you need help with the most.

Working with Lydia is one of the best investments I’ve made!

Lydia focused her attention completely on what I was struggling with the most, and one by one she helped me to get clearer and completely removed my feelings of overwhelm and insecurity.

She helped me with planning, goal setting, refining my coaching offer, giving me precious advice, and asking me the right questions at the right time. I didn’t have any more doubts or questions, I was feeling 100% clear and completely excited to start taking action.

Laura, Coach

It completely changed how I thought about launching my brand!

For the first time, I saw the full picture of not only what I had to offer, but what I truly wanted to share. I was able to connect with concrete next steps and get excited instead of feeling scared to launch.

The most mind-blowing moment with Lydia was when she suggested that the sequence of products I was planning to roll out might be backward, and if I reversed the order and started with coaching, I could start making money immediately to help bankroll my more elaborate projects.

Azara, Cake Designer

I am confident and clear about what I need to do all because of Lydia.

Working with Lydia is essential for any business owner ready to get clear about their next steps. She makes it easy for you to see what you need to do next and gives you the tools you need to keep going long after your session with her. I can not say thank you enough.

Corolon, Burnout Training Consultant & Coach

If you need help and direction with your business, I recommend working with Lydia 100%!

I’m so happy to have worked with Lydia to take my business to the next level.  I have a much clearer vision of my business direction and the steps to make it happen.  She went above and beyond to work with me towards my goals, and she is an absolute breath of fresh air, by giving extremely valuable insight and focus.

Birta, Holistic Health Coach

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Since 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of people transition out of the golden corporate handcuffs, develop successful self-employment strategies, and create impact in the work they want to do.

In other words, I help you find the direction, pathway, courage, and clarity to make your business a 100% expression of your gifts, values, and personality.

I’ve devoted my work to training solopreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and consultants to create meaningful work lives, by teaching them how to combine their strengths and passions to maximize their value in the marketplace.

I can’t wait to work with you and design a meaningful business that gives you the life you want.

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