Start An Engaging Newsletter To Build Your Brand

Hi, I’m Lydia!

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Do You Need Social Media To Build Your Brand & Audience?

Yes and no.

I’ve always looked at social media as “secondary sprinkles”.

It’s what may create an ‘omnipresence’ for your brand, and can certainly help remind people about your business, but it may not be the most effective way to truly offer trust and credibility for your brand.

With constant algorithm changes and distractions that can happen on social media, your content may not be landing at the eyeballs of your best customers either.

And perhaps, you may not someone that wants to spend all your precious time on social media anyway.

So what’s the alternative?

One of my favourite, and more intimate way to build an audience without using social media is…Newsletters!

Newsletters are what I find has been a more intimate and personal way to help my clients build trust with me and learn more about what I do.

Most importantly, it allows you to “plant educational seeds”. The intention of a Newsletter is not just to sell, but to support your clients to grow towards the goals they need help with, and create real engagement from your audience.

And if you’ve been a great support system to them in the long-term, they grow to trust you, and when the time is right, you’re the service provider that’s top of mind.

So today, I filmed a new video to help you Start An ENGAGING Newsletter To Build Your Brand.

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In This Video, I Covered:

  • Why newsletters build trust and credibility for your brand, and how it attracts customers to buy from you.
  • How to create an engaging newsletter that people want to read and plants educational seeds for the work you do.
  • Choosing different styles of newsletters and the purpose for each of them.
  • A walkthrough for a real example of the type of newsletter most opened and read by my audience.
  • The best way to get a simple newsletter started (with the tools I use) and how to create a consistent newsletter practice.

Resources & Tools Mentioned:

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