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About my work

I’m a Work Reinvention Strategist (also lovingly known as the ‘Freedom Instigator’!) who helps passionate individuals redefine their version of success, discover meaningful work, and build an intentional life and business.

I love contributing my insights and knowledge on how we can design the right kind of work and life that fulfills us to make our highest contribution in the world.

I love speaking about…


How to identify “What’s Next?” for your new chapter of life and work while building your resilience for uncertainty during times of change and reinvention.

Redefining success

How to stop the comparison game, get off the hustle train, and create healthier (and more liberating) metrics to measure success on our own terms.

The ‘sweet spot’

How to find the creative and meaningful work that’s in the intersection of your strengths, deep interests, and impact you want to make.

Identity shifts

How to navigate the noise of cultural norms and societal expectations to reimagine a new way of living and working in the future of work.

Lifestyle freedom

What I’ve learned leaving a six-figure job, moving to Bali, and intentionally designing a tiny but mighty business to align with my lifestyle choices.

Expert enough

Why we’re ready enough to start wherever we are and how to overcome imposter syndrome with imperfect action to courageously share our big ideas.

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Who dis?

Work Reinventions and Tiny But Mighty Businesses are my jam.

Since 2013, I’ve guided and mentored hundreds of professionals to build meaningful businesses designed from their strengths, values, and personalities.

I specialize in helping people navigate their work identity crisis and transition out of the golden handcuffs to develop successful self-employment strategies.

Most importantly, I believe in intentionally designing our businesses with our genius zone in mind, so that we’re building a business we love, and want to keep for years to come.