What the fig is a coach exactly and why do I need one?


Good question!

Lydia Lee coaching
Having a coach is like having a personal trainer, but for you and your business. Using a six pack as a metaphor: you can get there alone, but it’s about 95% more likely to happen with a personal trainer who knows their shit (and shoots you a judgy look when you eat an entire box of donuts).

Many people get overwhelmed when they are starting out. They don’t know where to start. They think they have to have a flashy website or a multi-million dollar startup idea. You don’t.

My approach fuses lean startup thinking with personal development techniques, so you can stop guessing whether you’re creating something people will buy – you can know for sure.

You’ve thought about starting a business to create a cash-flow that would fund your escape.

And we’ve all read the blogs and heard the podcast interviews that make it sound easy.

Work from anywhere, instead of commuting into the office every day.

Work on things you’re passionate about, instead of spending your best energy on someone else’s agenda.

Work for yourself instead of another boss.

But you know it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You don’t know how your strengths will play out in a non-corporate job structure. You’ve studied hard to build your current skills. Will anyone pay you for them, or will you have to throw them out and start from scratch? What if you need to know web design or online technical skills?

Even if you know which skills to monetize, you’re not sure how to find an audience who will eventually pay you.

What’s more, you’ve always enjoyed the security of a full time job: what if it takes you forever to get a client or a customer? Even then, it might not be as much money as your job.

Even if you have the confidence to leap, there’s so much information that it’s hard to know what to focus on first.

But there’s one thing you know for sure: you can’t let another year go by and still be in the same corporate job.

What if there were an easier way?

What if you could let go of the doubt about which of your skills to monetize, and rest easy that the path you’ve chosen will not just be a labor-of-love, but a profitable business – one that will fund your escape from 9-5.

What if you could cut through the fog of information overload, and have a clear direction about what to do next?

What if you could stop wondering whether or when to leave your corporate job, and have clear goals and benchmarks that would let you know for sure your family’s financial security wasn’t in jeopardy?

Introducing – one-on-one coaching from Screw The Cubicle

The only one-on-one business coaching that takes you from salaried employee to successful entrepreneur without forcing you to compromise what you’re passionate about or violate your integrity just to sell.

“Lydia strikes the right balance of compassion and non-nonsense ‘reality-check’.

Her coaching came along at the right time when I was ready to go beyond ‘sugar-coated’ support and suggestions from friends and step up into taking full responsibility for what I was experiencing in my life.”

Diane Hopkins, former academic instructor turned teaching coach for changemakers
Word and Wing

I’ll take you, step-by-step, through discovering what your customer wants to buy, and getting validation and testimonials before you build it, instead of wasting months and thousands dollars creating something nobody wants. You get a clear plan designed around your strengths, so you can just get on with it.

I’ll show you how to beta-test your offer with real humans, so you can build your confidence in a “training wheels” environment, and have the quiet confidence that comes from demonstrated results.

Together we’ll confront the values that drive you and identify the skills that would make you unstoppable through a range of assessments, goal setting exercises and accountability calls.

“I’d followed my passion into writing but battled with the limitations of being a writer. I needed a way to move beyond being just another writer.  I was always having ideas but couldn’t find the magic one that really aligned with my passions, skills and experience.

Lydia helped me come up with inventive ideas and figure out who I should be working with and how I could help them. In short, she gave me the necessary perspectives and kick up the butt to create something I really believed in.”

Clare Harrison, former journalist turned PR and pitch strategist for innovative startups

The Story Scientist

Here’s exactly what coaching includes:


90 Days of strategic coaching sessions (bi-weekly) – via Skype and sessions are recorded for you. If you’re unsure of what you need, we’ll jump on a discovery call and figure out what works best for you

A personal pre-assessment – you’ll complete this before our initial session so we can dive straight in on our first call

Weekly actions personalized for your goals – action gives you momentum and accountability to your dreams

Access to me in between calls – I don’t leave you hanging when you get stuck. You receive my guidance to help you move forward and banish procrastination

★ VIP Bonus – Access to all of my online courses ($500 value)


The result? You’ll have a business that leverages your unique talents, in a niche you’ll want to wake up in the morning to work on, that’s not just a labor-of-love, but a real cash-flow, and you’ll have a roadmap to scale your earnings that makes escaping 9-5 an item on your calendar, instead of a “some day” pie-in-the-sky fantasy.

“I was absolutely blown away by Lydia! Indeed a turn point in my life, she literally tore my lawyer suit apart and transited me on the road of entrepreneurship and freedom. Lydia is a combination of these things: frighteningly accurate emotional intuition, no-BS practical approach, and a highly infectious fearless fireball. If you are stuck in a soul-crushing rat race and serious about making the shift, I highly recommend working with her.”

Elaine Sui

“Working with Lydia has changed the way that I approach my business and clients, and has given me the clarity and inspiration to create something based on core values that are important to me. Before our coaching sessions, I was intimidated to approach aspects of my business – but now I feel that I have the confidence I need to make amazing things happen. I highly recommend her to anyone starting out on their own!”

Drea Drury Anilah

Ready to find out if one-on-one coaching is a good fit for you, with zero sales pressure?


Click here to schedule a discovery call.

I promise that if it’s not a good fit, not only will I not pressure you to sign up, I’ll recommend other resources that will help you shorten the journey to escaping the cubicle, even if they’re free.

I’m Lydia Lee, and I’m your exit strategy to your cubicle-free plan.


Lydia LeeI’ve been helping talented corporate escapees just like you to own their self expression, do work they love, and create impact and meaning with their careers.

You may have seen my featured work in The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Forbes, Elle Canada, and many more media outlets inspiring people to break free from the shackles of conventional work.  My most recent book project, Screw The Cubicle – 25 Unconventional Ways to Escape the 9-5 and Find Your Freedom, features 25 stories of ordinary people who left the Monday morning dread behind and found freedom and fulfilment elsewhere.

From building businesses to forging freelance careers, I’ve helped hundreds of talented professionals repurpose their skills to create better versions of their careers and become better versions of themselves.

After leaving my six figure job in Canada years ago in pursuit of a path less conventional, I now spend my time teaching people how to quit the jobs that are crushing their souls, discover their hidden talents, and make money doing something they love (and will care about).

I also offer over a decade of experience in corporate, entrepreneurial development and marketing. By coupling deep purpose work with a strategic business approach, I can give you the answers to some of the most fundamental parts of your nature and a clear actionable plan to build your ideal business.

And yes, it works.

My coaching approach blends targeted personal development and psychological techniques with practical and strategic planning.  You’ll identify the sweet spot between what you love, what you’re awesome at and what you can get paid for.

The result? You come out with a business idea that reflects your truest aspirations and a clear plan of action to make it a reality.

“I knew I needed out. I knew I had great skills to share with the world. I just had never been an entrepreneur before. I didn’t know where to start or how to organize the hundreds of things I thought I had to get done. Lydia is the calm after the storm to chart my path to true business ownership. From identifying my client types to developing my very first product…. I never would have done it without Lydia.”

Joel Bergeron

The Future is Creative

“We were truly blessed to have had Lydia guide and support us towards the new direction we chose to pursue with our business. Every session was productive, inspiring and motivating. Lydia had a unique way of making us feel so valuable and important – that you really are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. We are excited to share our successes with Lydia utilizing the tools and structure she has implemented. Without a doubt this is the best investment we have made in ourselves and our business.”

Steph and Brendon

Dynamic Nutrition

If you’re on the fence about whether to find out more, ask yourself this..


The next time Sunday afternoon rolls around, and family time is over…

When you’re laying out the same work clothes on the bed for yet another week at the office…

When you’re setting the alarm for Monday morning, knowing that for the next 120 hours, your time will belong to someone else…

When you’re standing on the subway platform, or getting on the freeway at rush hour…

Wouldn’t it feel good to know this isn’t going to be forever?

That you’ve taken steps to take a different track, and it’s now only a matter of time?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, I invite you to schedule a call.