Business Coaching

A coaching experience designed to create and grow your business, your way.

More Ease.  More Meaning.  More Impact.  More You.

It’s all possible when you intentionally design your business with your genius zone in mind. You’ll be spending your time and energy on your business every day, so let’s build a business you’ll love.

I know that you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the things needed to create and grow your business.

You’re exhausted from looking at a long list of to do’s and can’t stop spinning your wheels.  You’re struggling to keep up with the business Joneses and can’t stop comparing yourself to others.  You want to stand out with your work and stop blending into the sea of sameness in your industry.

If things feel overwhelming because you’ve been building a business meant for someone else, gosh darn it…

It’s time to do it differently.

It’s time to reinvent not only your business but the way you do business.

Are you with me?  Together, we can eliminate overthinking, self-doubt, and indecisiveness to build and grow a meaningful business with clarity and confidence.

Why Coaching With Me Is Your Secret Weapon To Building A Business You’ll Love

We intentionally design your business with your personal strengths and opportunities to help you feel good about reaching success, your way.

When we deliberately design your business to reflect on how you want to grow as a business owner and leverage your ‘genius zone’, you’ll get to the next level with ease. You’ll stop doing all the things that pull you in too many different directions. You’ll start laser focusing on the right things that are right for you, and carve a more effective path to your version of success.

We get real clear on how and where you create value to showcase your YOU-niqueness in the marketplace.

As a service-based business owner, people are not only buying what you do, but how you do it. Together, we’ll identify your unique approach and the special sauce you give that gets people raving about your work. You’ll learn how to create irresistible offers, speak confidently about what you do, and attract clients you actually enjoy working with.

We focus on strategies that help you grow to the next level, without the overwhelm.

Trying to do it all in your business is a sure recipe for burnout and trips to the therapist’s office. Instead, we’ll establish focused and effective strategies that meet you where your business is at, to help you grow with a system and a plan that’s sustainable. You’ll feel amped up to work on your business, because you’re clear on what steps need to be taken to gain the momentum for your goals.

“Lydia is the reason behind many of my personal breakthroughs this year.  I started my coaching practice and launched corporate trainings and team development workshops with some of the biggest organizations in Singapore.

I’ve been able to fearlessly tackle my personal and creative challenges head-on with laser focus coaching!

Daniel Lim

7-Figure Entrepreneur & Business Coach, DannyBunny.co

The Coaching Partnership Low-Down:


After getting to know you and speaking together, we’ll choose a coaching package that’s right for you.  Then, we pick our bevy of choice to celebrate the start of our partnership together!


We begin with a 60-Minute Kickstart Session to align your goals and what’s important to you for the business you’re building.  Trust me, this session is going to be so clarifying and it’ll act as a GPS for decisions you’ll be making to ensure you’re building a business you love.


You’ll have bi-weekly or monthly private coaching sessions with me to get my handy brain, creative muscles, and laser-focus strategies for creating and growing your business.  I’m with you every step of the way.


You’ll get email support or use Voxer (a voice message app) in between sessions to receive quick answers and feedback so you have a sounding board – consider me as your personal accountability buddy!


You’ll have access to amazing resources like videos, worksheets, and templates designed to solve a specific challenge that’s only reserved for my 1:1 coaching clients.


With me as your partner in your business building process, you’ll progress faster than doing it alone.  I’ll make sure you’re moving forward with simplicity, ease, and clarity with your business.

“I’m so happy to have worked with Lydia to take my business to the next level.  I have a much clearer vision on my business direction and the steps to make it happen.  She went above and beyond to work with me towards my goals, and she is an absolute breath of fresh air, by giving extremely valuable insight and focus.

If you need help and direction with your business, I recommend working with Lydia 100%!

Birta Bjargardottir

Holistic Health Coach, Ubebu

In My 1:1 Coaching Partnership, You’ll Get Specific-To-You Guidance To Create & Grow Your Business, Your Way.

In Our Work Together, We’ll Always Consider…

Your Vision: Where are you heading? Are you happy with the direction? Is it compelling enough for other people to jump on board? How does this fit with your overall lifestyle goals (yes, you’re going to have a life!)?

Your Strategy: What does your version of success look like six months from now? One year? Together we’ll craft a powerful strategy that puts your attention back on what matters most, and you’ll make it rain with productive focus.

Your Systems: How are your daily habits and routines supporting you to do your best work? What’s standing in your way? What do you need to uncomplicate? I’ll share tools, templates and strategies to super boost your efficiency to do more, with less.

Your Actions: What should you tackle first? Not all the things, not on my watch. Where should your time and energy be spent to create movement for your goals? We’ll come up with a concrete set of next steps, and I’ll hold you accountable with what’s most important to you.

    I’ve Created Ease & Flow For My Clients To Successfully…

    🍍 Create an uncomplicated plan to build their business so they can transition from side hustle to full-time business owner.

    🍍 Create irresistible offers that are deeply valuable and relevant to the needs of their ideal audience.

    🍍 Speak confidently about their work and sell their services with ease.

    🍍 Design a marketing plan that’s aligned with their personality and strengths to attract ideal clients that are the perfect fit for their work.

    🍍 Develop a powerful message for their work and share their voice with their unique way of influence.

    “I was a struggling freelance graphic designer.  Lydia gave me strategic advice and the right steps that helped me break free from the 10-year prison I’ve created for myself.  From a one-woman show, I’ve grown a team of three to support my business.

    I have more freedom to set aside time for myself, my family and now I truly enjoy my work.“

    Marilyn Wo

    Graphic & Web Designer, Meet Anders

    “As a former writer and journalist. I was used to being paid by the word or by the article. the idea of creating packages to sell was completely beyond comprehension.  Not only is Lydia great at helping you figure out what skills you have that people will buy, but she will take you step by step through the process of creating a package and taking it to market: the strategy, the tactics and the tools.  And it works.

    To my amazement, clients have emerged wanting to buy products that I created.”

    Clare Harrison

    Media Strategist & Writer