Coaching overview & agreement

By paying for a program, course, or service either in partial or in full, you agree to the following terms below:

Our Agreement

The following terms outline your agreement with Lydia Lee, Screw The Cubicle. Should any questions or concerns arise regarding these policies, please bring them to my attention.

Please read the information below, initial, and keep for future reference.


The coach agrees to hold the content of each session confidential. This creates a strong foundation and alliance that supports the client in reaching their goals. The client is free to share whatever they choose from sessions with their spouse, family, etc., as this is a very powerful way of reinforcing new insights and skills.


Complete post-coaching reflection, previous session work, and/or coaching prep sheet, and send to Lydia by email 24 hours prior to each session.


Our agreement provides a pre-determined number of sessions per month unless other arrangements have been made. If you are late for an appointment, your session may be shortened accordingly. If you are planning a vacation, we can arrange more time before you leave or after your return. Coaching sessions will be hosted on Zoom at our scheduled time.


If you need to reschedule a session, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you must miss a session due to an emergency, I will do my best to work around it. Forgetting, missing a session, or feeling unprepared does not qualify as an emergency and will be considered a paid session. Setting aside this time for yourself honours not only your commitment but also our agreement.

Extra Support:

You are invited to use our private client portal, Voxer, to send me voice messages or text when you need support in between sessions. Keep your voicemail to a summary of 2-3 minutes to be concise and you’ll get a more focused response or feedback.  Use this extra support tool to share any resistance or fears, gain quick answers to your questions, get feedback and validation for your next steps.   I’ll respond to you within 24-48 hours.  You can use Voxer to share a win, ‘a-ha moment’, insights, too!


Either you or the coach may terminate this agreement at any time with written notice.

Refund Policy:

After the coaching program has begun, any unused sessions will not be refunded but may be rescheduled (if there is a reason you can’t keep up with the momentum and commitment to complete within 3 months), for up to 6 months after the initial session Refunds requested in writing prior to the beginning of the Coaching program will be given in full, less a $50 administrative fee.


You are the sole decision-maker throughout the coaching process. Any and all actions or consequences resulting from the coaching session are the responsibility of the client. The client releases the coach of all liability pertaining to the services rendered in the coaching relationship.

Our Pledge

It is my commitment to you to bring the best environment possible in order for you to gain clarity and commitment in order to help you reach your goals.

My commitment to you will be to:

– Listen to you with big ears to understand what is truly important to you.

– Ask powerful questions to extract your deepest values.

– Support and collaborate with you to develop and reach your vision.

– Challenge you to reach past your current constraints to create solutions.

– Motivate you to stay focused on “staying the course” towards your life and business goals.

– Assist you to create actions steps that pave the path to realizing your dreams.

Your commitment as my client is to:

– Take care of your whole self including your mind and body by getting enough rest, exercise, and eating well so you remain strong throughout this journey.

– Be honest and authentic by bringing your true self to the sessions.

– Be open to powerful questions and new ways of looking at things.

– Look deeply at your values and be prepared to toss away old assumptions that no longer serve you.

– Dare to dream about possibilities and options that you may not have previously considered.

– Set meaningful goals that surpass ones previously set and move you out of your comfort zone.

– Take responsibility and ownership for your decisions and actions.

Contact Information

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at


I am so excited to start working with you!

Lydia Lee | Screw The Cubicle