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This episode, I talk to Yasmine Khater, who is a business coach that works with people who want to start and scale businesses to reach that a 6 and 7-figure mark.  She is all about systems, and believes that if you develop a great system with your business, you can free up more time to do the work you actually like to do. She is all about coming from a place of being proactive, instead of reactive with work and your market niche!

She tells me about how she went from a high paying corporate executive in an oil and gas company to a career as a strategist and coach today. She will share her experience on how to build a fool-proof, successful business. She’s helped people to quit their jobs and build a fearless mindset with the emotional support they need to succeed!


How to quit the 9-5 video series


Episode 15 | Special Guest Yasmine Khater

In this episode:

  • How a health issue caused her to reflect on what was most important in life
  • Her tipping point at her previous job, and when she knew she needed to leave
  • Trial and error before she narrowed down what kind of niche she wanted to have
  • Solutions on creating air-tight systems to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine
  • How finding out who you are will create a waterfall effect in finding out what you want to do 
  • Finding the unique way in which you can create a solution to someone’s problem

Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“Business helps solves problems, but beyond that, as individuals are talking about following your purpose, your passion. But I believe everyone is on this earth to do one thing: to discover who they are. Because we never really know who we are.

And I think through entrepreneurship and through business, it’s a great personal development journey, where you really understand who you are as an individual, and you really grow and expand. The personal journey is more important to me because we become better human beings.”


“My entrepreneurship journey started when I was 14 and I was painting, and my mom basically one day said, after 2 years of classes, ‘Hey, your classes are actually really expensive. If you want to continue your classes, you have to pay for them.’ And I looked at her and said, ‘But, how?’

And she said, ‘Well, you can paint, no? You can sell your paintings.’ And it was such an epiphany for me, but I wanted to paint so bad that I sold my paintings, and I was a really shy kid so it was really uncomfortable for me. So I got the first taste of how we can control our own destiny, anything we want, we can go ahead and create it. It’s really up to us where we want to play this game.”



“I was thinking, if tomorrow was my last day on earth, could I say I’ve done it all? And I couldn’t.”


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