We Must Do Better

This is not just an American problem, it's a global problem

Hi, I’m Lydia!

Your work matters in the world, and my job is to help you get it out there.

This week is not a normal week for our Black brothers and sisters.

Nor has any day been normal for them.

Like you, I’ve been hearing and seeing deep anger, rage, and pain felt between Black friends and communities over the state of racism and injustice happening in the USA.

This is not just an American problem, it’s a global problem. You’ve witnessed it in your own neighbourhoods, in the lack of representation in business, and in a whitewash education system.

This system is historic, normalized, taken for granted, deeply embedded, and works to the benefit of whites and to the disadvantage of people of color (Hilliard, 1992).

I personally have seen it in the lack of diversity of speakers in conferences I pitch to, podcast shows that feature interview stories mainly on white male perspectives, online summits that are only interested in featuring people who have a backing of wealth and prestige, rather than the inclusion of people from different backgrounds that can offer valuable insights other than how to make more money.

As we open our eyes to what we’re being fed from the media, to movies, to what we associate ‘successful influencers’ with when we only see the majority of them being white, happy, privileged folks, we start to see how these daily messages contribute to the reality of the world we now live in.

It’s not easy to dismantle a system that has oppressed the rights and freedoms of people of colour. But it’s in my greatest hope that if we all choose to be more aware and educated in issues that we may not face personally, but are very real for people not like us, we can start taking tiny actions to shape a new world we can believe in.

Feel And Do Something Difficult

Instead of just being shocked and appalled by what you’re witnessing, explore how racism lives in your communities, and even in your families. Feel the discomfort that comes up when you watch videos of black folks suffering from police brutality, and talk about it to people in your circle. Dare to challenge your older parent or relative that brushes these topics off. Risk losing relationships with people who condone this horrendous behaviour.

Refuse to be on any panel, conference, or podcast that doesn’t include people of colour. Share opportunities for larger platforms to people of colour. Make intros to influencers you know personally and amplify voices of people of colour.

If you have Black friends and colleagues that you are close to, check in on them right now. Tell them you see and hear them.  Tell them you’re upset, but don’t make it about you or expect praise. It’s an exhausting and traumatizing time for people of colour. If you need to talk about your feelings and how you’re upset about what you’re seeing, do it with your therapist or other friends who have emotional space to discuss this with you.

What I’m Observing In My Own Business And Where I Can Make Change

I’m observing ways I can make positive changes in my own coaching practice, marketing activities, and using my platform even more to support people of colour.

I have intentionally featured business owners, influencers, and clients from different cultural backgrounds in interviews and features, but I want to do more with this.

I want to share real conversations of what it’s like for people of colour to be seen and heard in the business space. What challenges and obstacles they have faced that’s different from what’s being experienced from a place of privilege. If you know someone I should be interviewing or you are a person of colour that would love to share your story, connect with me at hi@screwthecubicle.com.

If there’s anything you believe I should be educated on, take time to consider, or include in the way I do business, please feel free to email me (this is a safe place for you to share your thoughts).

Learning Together – Resources To Support Active Change

1. Black People Illustrations – A much needed resource to ensure inclusion and diversity in your marketing materials. People of color are often underrepresented in illustrations so do consider using this free resource for your social media graphics and marketing assets.

2. Empowerment Through Empathy – A conversation with Brene Brown and Tarana Burke to interrupt sexual violence and other systemic issues disproportionately impacting marginalized people.

3. Talking to Kids About Racism – Nickelodeon went off air for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the same amount of time George Floyd was in police custody when he was murdered. It sparked a conversation between parents I know about how to speak about racism to their children who saw this blackout message. This video panel can support you in having the language and intention to have this conversation.

4. 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice – For white people and anyone who’s interested in getting more intentional about deepening anti-racism work.

5. Diversify Your Influence in the Business Space – If your Instagram channel primarily features one tone of colour, here are some smart, creative, and powerful women in business that I know can personally add value and insights to your world:

🍍 Staci Jordan Stelton – She’s a performance consultant and coach to help set you free from the beliefs, binaries and behaviors that hold you hostage and keep you from showing up powerfully. Her posts are poetic, uncomfortable, and makes you think deep and hard about things you never thought you cared about.

🍍 Desiree Adaway – She’s a leading consultant and thought-leader dismantling oppressive systems and building equitable workplaces. Her free training ‘Whiteness at Work’ happening on June 11th will be worth attending to educate yourself.

🍍 Alicia Nicole – She runs a purpose-driven community that helps women to thrive in their business but also to live an intentional life around entrepreneurship. I love her real and raw truths about what happens behind the scenes of women-led businesses.

🍍 La’Vista Jones – She’s one of my favourite influencers in the business space reinventing self-care for business owners. I’ve interviewed her previously here and it’s a powerful topic about what self-care really means and why it’s not something you do only when you have a burnout.

🍍 The Afro Minimalist – As a fellow minimalist, I’ve enjoyed her views on reframing her perspective on minimalism to living with intention, becoming a conscious consumer and surrounding ourselves with only the things we need and love.

🍍 Clueless Mama DIY – My oldest friend, Andrea, who’s a crafter and DIY enthusiast hosts an entertaining Youtube channel and Instagram platform all about fun and effective ways to craft and budget-friendly DIY projects for your home. She’s a hoot!

Thank You For Taking The Time To Read This Today.

I welcome any conversations and discussions from you, and open to ways I can improve and be educated on issues I may not be conscious about.

If you have any comments or feedback, please email me privately at hi@screwthecubicle.com to speak to me – I’m always here to listen.

Let’s take care of each other out there,


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