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Hi, I’m Lydia!

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Videos Can Help You Grow Your Brand, Attract Ideal Clients, and Build ‘Know, Like, & Trust’ With Your Audience.

Video has been instrumental in helping me grow my business.

It’s helped my clients to be educated and warmed up to my work, learn more about what I do, and it’s such an excellent way to connect humanly with my audience.

From creating content on my Youtube channel, live streaming, and hosting video interviews, videos have been my most favourite tool to use for marketing my business effectively.

But I also know it can be daunting to start being on video. It can feel awkward speaking to a camera, feeling overwhelmed with tools to use, and not knowing what kind of content is most effective to produce.

Today, you’ll learn how to show up like yourself on camera, easy tools and equipment you can start using, give you ideas on the types of content that’s ideal to produce with video, and how to use video marketing effectively to grow your audience.

Joining me today is Catalina Riebe, a coaching client who’s worked with me in the past to build her business, and she’ll be sharing how you can use effective and simple video marketing for business.

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Why Start With Video?

Video is a great tool to not only attract new clients or prospects but also to warm up your current leads, close sales and build loyalty with your existing clients so that they become the best ambassadors for your company.

Marketing with videos help build a closer relationship with your audience as humans. We like to connect with others by seeing their facial expressions and mannerisms, which can only be seeing on video.

People want to make sure that there is a real person behind the business or services they are considering.

What Types Of Videos Help You To Grow Your Audience?

Here are some creative ideas that can work for your business:


  • Demo videos: Demonstrate your product or service.
  • Brand videos: Showcase your business’ high-level vision, mission, or products and services.
  • Event videos: Film parts of your event experience and testimonials of attendees.
  • Expert interviews:  Bring on an expert to co-host a webinar or interview them with a valuable topic your audience will love.
  • Educational and how-to videos:  Like Lydia’s channel here.
  • Explainer videos:  Teach how your audience can overcome their pain with the solution that you offer.
  • Case Study and Testimonial:  Give some social proof to your work by featuring video testimonials or interviews with past clients.
  • Live videos:  People love impromptu, raw, and real videos you can host on FB, YouTube, or Instagram.
  • Personalized Messages for Thank you pages for bookings or downloads

How To Show Up Authentically In Front Of The Camera

Be yourself and no worries about being perfect. Don’t worry about makeup or perfect hair. Concentrate on great content. The perfect look is only for actresses on Hollywood.

Remember that people want to see real people so don’t worry trying something that you are not.

“Practice makes the master” – Patrick Rothfuss. There are no shortcuts. You gotta go and do it.

Here are some easy risk-free ideas:

  • Try Stories on IG or YouTube of Facebook. They disappear after 24 hours and are only 15 sec but keep people engage and it is a great testing tool to film yourself. Teach one little tip or make a comment about a trending topic or about some news you read. If you are passionate about what you do then your true self will come up easily.
  • Create a Live event (YouTube or Facebook) and teach something and invite people to join you and offer your freebie at the end.

How To Make Video Recording Easier For You

  • Film your video with your phone or computer.
  • Choose a quiet place at your house or office with good light if possible.
  • Do get a microphone for phone or computer as the sound is vital.
  • Film your video by a window or buy a cheap light ring with a tripod for phones. Those cost $20 or so on Amazon.

How To Ensure You Get More Viewers For Your Videos

Remember that video for business purposes is different than if you want to become a YouTube celebrity.

Focus on how effective your videos are at nurturing your leads, getting you more people on your email list, and how much they are helping you to close deals.

You can get videos views by:

  • SEO optimizing your video titles and descriptions
  • Creating video collaborations or interviews with other businesses that can promote your video
  • Video ads. Ads are quite inexpensive because of the current situation so take advantage of that.
  • Email your list and let them know about your latest videos.

Learn More About Catalina’s Work

Catalina is a video marketing strategist that helps businesses build a professional YouTube Channel that builds trust with their audience and attracts their ideal paid clients. 

Check out her website to find out more about attracting Your Ideal Clients and build a tribe on YouTube while earning more with a stronger online brand.

Grab her complimentary guide on 3 Techniques You Must know to Create A Remarkable YouTube Channel.

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