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Today I am speaking to Kasia Rachfall, former insurance underwriter who reinvented her career to be an intuitive healer and business mentor. After she left corporate in 2010, 2 year later, she began homeschooling her two kids and have since built her business around all that comes with the homeschooling lifestyle.

I interviewed this modern mama of two because this community loves learning about unconventional ways to bring your family with your location independent dreams.



We also spoke about about the work she does helping people release old stories and emotions to allow them to bring joy, clarity, and courage into their life.


Snippets from our interview:

  • Why Kasia decided to leave a career she worked hard to be in, and how she found her new career path
  • How choosing a new life and work path changed the way she raises her kids and how she balances family and being a busy entrepreneur
  • The pros and cons of homeschooling your kids and what to expect
  • The emotional and toxic stories she had to release to go forth into the unknown path of entrepreneurship
  • The most common misconceptions people have about their emotions when going through change and how to manage it
  • What we need to do to bypass the sticky parts of triggers and obstacles of change to courageously live the life we dream to have


Learn More About Kasia & Resources Mentioned

Website: www.kasiarachfall.com
Free courses to heal your emotions https://www.kasiarachfall.com/starthere
Facebook page www.facebook.com/kasiarachfallpage
Instagram www.instagram.com/kasiarachfall


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