My escape from my cubicle was not an overnight thought.  It literally took me like 2 or 3 years to finally man up the balls to do it.  Every year before that, I would say, “Yup, this year is the year.  I so cannot fill out another vacation request form or deal with this yahoo of a boss when I could do her job better”.

But every year, I let the time slip by.  Because I made the excuses that it wasn’t the right time, I really want that bonus, or I’ll do it when my personal life schedule isn’t so busy.

And each year that passed, nothing actually got better in this elusive “perfect time” idea.  Nothing changed, because I didn’t do anything to make those changes.

Einstein says the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again, expecting a different result.  So I guess you could say, I was somewhat insane in those years 🙂

In this week’s video below, I share my own experience of procrastination, and how you can get unstuck from the “perfect time” trap to get yourself closer to the real dreams you secretly have.

The lie that’s keeping you stuck where you are

I remembered that old story I used to tell myself. 

I’ll do it when I have more time. 

I’ll do it when I have more money. 

I’ll do it when I’m not fighting with my boyfriend so much and have the headspace.

There is never a perfect time to just fucking start.

If you continue to wait, something else, called LIFE, will bring in more circumstances where you’ll say again, “It’s not the right time yet”.

By the time you figure out the perfect time, the girl (or boy) of your dreams has walked out the door, and the idea you were once excited about that lit a fire in your belly, flickers away.

You lose the mojo, the initial instinct, and creative flow if you do not honour it right away.

So how can you honour bursts of creativity or ideas when they come?


Take bite-sized action to give yourself permission to want it

You don’t have to take a massive leap to start the momentum.  Bite-sized action/steps keeps you moving, without having to risk it all.

Keep your eye on the prize by revealing small paths, and additional doors to step through.

What’s the ONE thing you can try to find out more NOW? 

Is it reading more about a subject of interest?  Asking to speak to someone who is doing something you’re curious about?  Taking a class on a learning a skill even though you may not know where it leads just yet?

Honour that voice.  Don’t ignore the rush of chemicals that can sparks something exciting in your brain.  It may just be trying to nudge you towards something special.


Keeping yourself in the comfort zone is preventing you from seeing your capabilities

Waiting for the perfect time is an excuse that prevents you from making it a priority for you, so you don’t have to do anything at all.  It keeps you in the comfort zone, but it’s not what your spirit and capable being knows to be true for you.

It’s going to feel sticky.  Uncomfortable.  Challenging.  But it’s in that contrast, where you will find your way.  You will figure it out.  You’ve survived this long, and have been alive, haven’t you?  Who’s to say what else you can achieve if you really put your focus and intent on it.

We don’t know what tomorrow brings.  I don’t know that if I step out of my home tomorrow in Bali, I won’t be ran over by a truck.  I can’t control these things.

But what I can control is what I put my focus and attention on daily.  How much I’m willing to fill the time I have in my 24 hour day towards things that are growing and expanding me as a human being.

What can you focus your attention and intention on?  What’s within your control where you can take those chunked down steps and make a small move?

How can this make the difference for you?


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