Meet Leigh Wasson.  Leigh was fired a year ago from a design firm.  “Your services are no longer needed”, they said.

On the same day, his girlfriend called him to say, “We need to talk”.  In less than 24 hours, Leigh lost his identity as an employee and a boyfriend.

When that was taken away from him, he was left with the question of, “Who am I, and what is it that I am without these things”.

He knew he was supposed to look for another job, but for some reason he didn’t do that.  He reflected upon his life.  He had played by the rules:  went to university, had the 401K, and had a job.

In this week’s video interview below, Leigh explains how getting fired was a blessing in disguise, and how he dealt with being in the “eye of the storm” when his life felt like it was falling apart.


I came from nothing once before, who’s to say I cannot do it again.

Leigh set the rule for himself.  He couldn’t go get another job, and he couldn’t ask his parents for money.

Going through the stickiness of this unknown space did bring him anxiety and some moments of panic.  However, Leigh used this opportunity to do something different.  To lean into the discomfort, and rediscover who he was without the labels that were given to him.

Incorporating zen meditation into his practice, he learned to get out of his head, and to feel more with his decisions and choices.


What life is like now for Leigh

After connecting with a friend to help expand his SEO marketing agency, Leigh utilized his social media skills to help businesses connect authentically with their audience.  He moved his life to Bali, where he now enjoys sharing his skills with digital nomads, while working with his clients virtually.

Leigh says that every day is thankful for being fired, as it pushed him to seek out other doors, and dig deep into what he wanted from life before he jumped into another job just because he thought he had to.

Now Leigh combines his love for writing, helping people connect authentically, while using his love for Twitter and social media.


Leigh’s tips on how to use Twitter to find your tribe and create products/services for them

I picked Leigh’s brain of how his techniques can apply this to people who could use Twitter to find out how to help people, and create products or services based on what their tribe wants.

If you’re still in a corporate job or in the midst of creating a business idea, how can you use Twitter to connect with people and find out what you can solve, Leigh has some tips:

  • Find out what people are struggling with, and put yourself in a place where you can resonate
  • What are they desiring instead?
  • What are some of the struggles you can solve and create solutions for?
  • Start with your audience first, before you build your product or service
  • Build your audience even if you’re still at a job, and start learning how to write and connect with people
  • Your peeps will tell you exactly what they want from your engagement and if you ask the right questions
  • Learn to connect rather than sell

For example, if you wanted to write a book, connect with like-minded (following the same influencers you like, use hashtags), and follow them.  You can use Buffer to schedule your tweets, and at the end of the month, check your most engaged posts, and write blog posts according to those.  Once you’ve done more of this, you can use these blog posts as content to create a book that people have already told you they were interested in.


His advice for people wanting to leave the 9-5

Learn how to write.  For any business and entrepreneur, you need to learn how to do this to be able to resonate with your future clients.  Learn how to tap into people’s desires and view their world from their perspective, and use their language.

Start with the fundamentals of communication and study copywriting to have the tools that can arm you to communicate with your audience authentically.



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