Before you quit your job, you want validation that the services you are offering as a freelancer or entrepreneur will sell.  

If you’re like me, you want the confidence to know that you can produce the outcomes your services promises before you go on a full launch.

The great thing about experimenting and testing your idea is that you can:

Understand the process of how you offer value to customers.

Refine the process of how you work with clients without the pressure.

Before you think about your website, logo, or what you’re going to offer in your services, this is an essential piece to do first. Don’t fall into the trap of “if you build it, they will come”.  Really know that your process works, and when you take on your first client, you won’t be having palpitations of being a fraud.  This ain’t good for you or the client.

You can beta test while you’re still at your 9-5 job, and it really ensures the launch of your new business can be as successful as possible.  

From Fuzzy Idea to Meaningful Business Plan

Learn the 4 essential steps to launch your freelancing, consulting, or coaching business with clarity and confidence.

Pick ONE avatar to work with.

Using one person as an avatar ensures that you aren’t getting overwhelmed with pleasing everyone.  That is not what your business and services are going to be for.  You want to be known to help a very specific person with a very specific problem where your most valuable skills can be most effective to solve.

It also makes it easier to speak directly to that ONE person/avatar in your marketing and how you can speak directly to their pain points when you write blogs or post something on social media.

There’s someone you know already out there that could benefit from your talent.  Who is it?  It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with them, as long as they are a great fit for your services, and are hungry for your solution.  They are not someone that you have to CONVINCE.  

If you aren’t sure who this is, start having conversations with people through social media, online Facebook groups, or wherever you think your ideal client could be hanging out.  Get into their heads.

Once you find yours, you can use them as a case study.  You may offer this person help to start for free.  This non-pressure way can help you understand how you help your future clients and which problems you actually want to solve with them.  

It’s a win-win for you and this person because they get personalized advice and you get to test run your service or product to gain credibility and confidence.

Create your ‘framework.

Would you build a house without ensuring the foundation is strong?  You could have all the best interior design and “prettiness” of the home, but your house is going to fall over if it’s built on shaky ground.

The same goes for your business.  Aesthetics like logo and branding are pretty, but it ain’t going to determine if your clients are going to be happy and if they received the outcome of what your business promises.

You need to create the process of how you bring your client from Before + After.  To be able to be confident in leading your clients to the results you want them to get, you need a map.

This is what I call your Framework, which is also your step-by-step of how you give value to your customers and charge for results you give them.  It includes your concepts, process, and philosophies that can truly change the results people achieve.

{Want to learn how to create Signature Framework?  The 90 Day Launch will guide you to do exactly that and help you build a meaningful business plan too!}

YOU need to know your own “manual” of how you work with your clients that can produce the best results from your business.  It involves your structure, how you deliver them, how your client engages with the work, and the map you guide them to ensuring all bite-sized action will lead them to your promised outcomes.

Tip:  Your Framework can also act as a guide to determine what you create later because you can then pull out the strongest “a-ha’s” from that structure and expand them to create in e-products, additional services, workshops, etc.

Invitation for beta clients.

So you’re ready to road test your service or product with clients.  Who do you invite and how?

As I mentioned earlier, in the beginning, pick ONE avatar that represents your ideal client the best.  And then find more people like him/her.  What causes them to be the best client?  What are you drawn to specifically that makes them ideal?  What stage of the problem are they experiencing that makes you the best person to help them in that stage?

Then, invite 5  or more people that are a good fit.  My own personal rule of thumb:  If we don’t have common values and ethics, I probably won’t want to work with them.  You decide your non-negotiable for your clients.

Invite them personally and have a real conversation.  Tell them that it’s a beta, and you’re proud of what you’ve created, and you want to share it with them because you know they will benefit.  You specifically hand picked them.

Then, run the beta with them at a discounted cost or at no charge (go with what you’re comfortable with), so that they know they have to provide feedback and participate in the beta so you can adjust and refine to ensure your service/product is going to be amazing.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to get REAL experience with your offering, validate your expertise, and refine your service to be ready for paid customers.

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