If you’re in the midst of a career change, this may be a question that you’re asking right now:

What are the things that I need to prepare for in order to make me feel safe about transitioning out of my 9-5?

Everyone has different risk tolerance and that’s cool! If you’re a parent versus someone who’s single and have a little bit more leniency in your decisions, this is still a good place to start with being honest about what those safety for you and what are those risks for you.

You can assess and understand the gap of knowledge and information you need to get clear on in order for you to feel safe about taking the leap.

How to get real honest with yourself:

Ask yourself this question:  
Why do you want to take the leap? 

The only way we usually take to reach a way of living or working that you dream of is to really understand the reason why you would do that and what you’re willing to sort of exchange as an experience to get where you want to go.

Ask yourself what isn’t working for your life right now.

Take out a piece of paper and start listing some things are not working. Whether it has to do with your career, the people you’re working with, what you’re working on, and whatever are the sorts of pain around you, remaining stuck where you are.

All that needs to be translated out of your brain and understand the real reason to want to take a leap of faith and start to do the work that’s necessary to make those changes for yourself.

Once you know why then you understand the exchange. You know that every decision that you’re going to make, that is outside of what your reality is today, is worthwhile.

It’s worthwhile to go through the learning process, and it is worthwhile to make those changes when you truly understand why and what’s motivating you to make the change and the leap that you desire.

How do you reduce the risk of your career change in your transition?

Don’t quit your job
, unless you’re in a job that absolutely eats at our well-being and it’s so unhealthy, that you have to get out. You can actually use the security of your job to be in a less pressured financial place to make these big decisions in your life. Your job can be a way to fund your alternative ideas and career.

Start to focus your attention on your own dreams and your own goals and the learning process that takes to get good with what you have to offer.  What could you do to make a living and utilize your accumulated experiences and skills to create a new career?  Transitioning slowly without quitting your job is a great opportunity for you to use this buffer time to save up money, learn, and to budget for your exit plan.

You should really know the numbers of what your break-even point is and what the non-negotiable expenses are for your life.  That real number is the goal to meet when saving up for your exit strategy so you can utilize the time of being full-time employed to save up for your cushion pot for when you take your leap.

How can you get comfortable with taking risks?

Start small. Most of us in the everyday world can’t just jump off a cliff and hope the parachute opens. Instead, take real small bite-size steps.

Perhaps it’s just one thing that you do every single week that you honour towards your dream that will cause the next week to be even bolder for you. It is the consistency of doing these small little changes that will become eventually a big change to results for you.

Don’t forget to ask for support. You can’t do this alone. You’re in territories that you’ve never been before. Get mentorship and support; whether it’s a coach that can help you, perhaps a friend that’s going through the same journey that can keep you accountable to your dreams.

Join a mastermind group or free Facebook group community where there are people who believe in your dreams and can help you move through those risky circumstances into a much braver expression of your life.

Start your career change preparation

I want to really help you get this going and put everything you learned into practice because I think action is what is going to be the difference for you to reach your dreams.

Watch my free video series to get my help planning your transition from your 9-5 to self-employment, so that you can feel more confident about the decisions you need to make.