Sweet Spot Session

Discover What You Love To Do & How To Make Money Doing It.

Build A Business From Your “Sweet Spot”

Do you dream of becoming your own boss, but can’t seem to pinpoint the most marketable skills you to start a business with?

Or are you a Solopreneur, Consultant, or a Freelancer that wants to position your services more effectively and earn more for it?

I believe all of us have a ‘Sweet Spot’ for work that offers your unique and effective value that people can’t wait to hire you for.

If you’ve been asking “What Business Should I Start?” or “How Do I Figure Out What My ‘Thing’ Is?”, I can help you discover meaningful work that’s right for you and feel confident starting a business you’re excited to wake up in the morning for!

I wanted to have that thing that was mine but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I was in awe of the way Lydia was able to capture the language of everything I wanted to do and root out everything I didn’t want to do!

She got me at my core, helped give me words to describe my niche, and figured out my unique scope of work.  She’s a clarity ninja.


Self-Love Coach, Manifest With Ananda

Your Sweet Spot

FOR meaningful work

How can I help you identify


My students and coaching clients say I have a strong knack for Skills Spotting and Expertise Excavation, and it’s honestly some of my best superpowers as a coach, if I may say so myself!

In This Intensive Session, I’ll Help You To:

1. Identify Your Sweet Spot For Your Best Work.

You’ll get clear on how your “Sweet Spot” of where your most effective skills can be leveraged towards your most profitable and purposeful work.  Making money meaningfully is what we’re after.

2. Find A Clear & Confident Niche.

You’ll identify the scope of work you’ll focus on (yes to work boundaries!), the right clients best suited for your work, and how to laser focus on the right problems people will pay to get help with.

3. Know What To Offer In Your Genius-Zone.

We’ll map out ideas for services you can offer and ensure how you deliver your offer will be a reflection of your strengths, values, and personality.  

4. Arm Yourself With A Confident Business Plan.

You’ll walk away with a plan to turn your fuzzy idea into a real business you can’t wait to build and share.  Most importantly, you’ll feel on purpose because you’re using your Sweet Spot to build a business plan that’s right for you.

I was surprised when Lydia came to the call with a business idea in mind for me. She took her time with me, asked thoughtful questions, listened to me and made sure that I left with a plan in place.

I now have a plan and am in the beginning stage of putting it into action! I got clear that having a remote business is achievable.


Accountability Coach


What to expect

STEP 1: We Choose Your Intentions

Before we get started, we’ll get on a call together to talk about the ideal business you want to build and what’s important for your values and goals.  Then we’ll schedule a date for us to get started.

STEP 2: We Dig Into Sweet Spot

I’ll send you Sweet Spot Self Assessment to identify your skills, deep interests, and the impact you want your work to make.  We use this as a foundational GPS for the direction of a business you want to build.

STEP 3: We Meet For Your Session

We meet for our 90-Minute Session via Zoom where we discover the work you want to do and how to make money doing it.  You’ll get immense clarity on how to build a business that’s in-line with your strengths, values, and personality.

STEP 4: We Put Your Plan Into Action

I’ll send your Sweet Spot Business Plan that’ll help you go forth in starting your next project, initiative, or business.  If you have questions that pop in your mind, fret not – You’ll have access to me for 2-weeks to get extra support if you need it!

Within minutes of starting the session, it was clear that Lydia has a knack for digging into the information I was telling her, and find ideas that were hidden from me.  And reinforcement that there are other ways for me to use the skills that feel meaningful for me.

What I gained from the sessions was a real honest look at what I really wanted from my career and a ton of new perspectives and self-employment paths that I had not considered before.

I’m not certain that I would have ever found or considered these paths without Lydia’s help, and I’m excited to see where they lead!


Government Program Manager

 Since 2013, I’ve helped 250 + people just like you leverage their skills and experience to create independent careers and businesses doing what they love.


Hi, I’m Lydia!

I’m a gifted skills spotter, a meaningful work advocate, and I have one hell of an infamous cackle – you’ll hear it soon enough!

From building businesses to forging freelance careers, I’ve helped hundreds of talented professionals repurpose their skills to create better versions of their careers and become better versions of themselves.

I’ve worked with Wall Street investment bankers, lawyers, nurses, teachers, writers, and so many varieties of professionals to help them reinvent their work without throwing away their experience or setting their resumes on fire.

I’m excited to help YOU discover the sweet spot for your best work that’s meaningful for you to pursue.

Ready to Discover


Use my ‘Skills Spotting’ superpowers to identify your sweet spot and start the business you’re designed to do.