As we get to the last month of the year, I bet you have been busy stuffing your face with Christmas dinners, but in the back of your mind, you’ve also been wondering about what your new year should be like.

You’ve got dreams.  Goals.  Shit to get done so your new year can be a better reflection on all the things you’ve dreamt for yourself.

But where to start?

What do you even want?  How can you ensure you get there?

Relax.  Before you start planning your world domination, or simply how you’re going to complete the things you say you’re going to do in your head, I’m inviting you to start with some simple questions to ask yourself FIRST.

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Know your what you want as an outcome

Get specific on what you want as a result.   Being vague will end up confusing you.  Say it in a more detailed way.

If you say, “I want to quit my job”, it leaves too many unknowns that you probably need to get results on FIRST, before that bigger goal comes into fruition.  You can start with that statement, but then chunk your way down to what you NEED to complete first in order for that to happen.

You may chunk it down to,  “I want to learn how I can turn my skills into a profitable business”.  A-ha, way more specific.  Then you can start searching for ways to bring more answers to you for that outcome like talking to someone who’s done this by getting their advice,  or educating yourself with a course that answers specifically to this question.

Make a list of what you want to see and feel as a result of success.  One way to feel less anxious about your dreams is to get them out of your head and on paper. 

Just the act of doing that is calming and less floaty around your mind.


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Do something to honour your dreams

You’ve had endless thoughts and ideas.  Yes, they all seem sporadic and perhaps not linked at this point, but you can decide to choose one pressing thing that has been in the back of your mind this whole time.

What is one BITE SIZED action that is feasible for you to start.  What is a low hanging fruit action that you can do right away that will make the difference for you?

You can start with a simple one to get momentum going.  Perhaps it’s reaching out to an acquaintance or a friend and speak to them if they are successfully doing something you dream to do.  Call them, send an email, reach out TODAY.  The worst thing you’ll get is a “no”, and that’s fine, because you didn’t “lose” on anything.  Keep going until the right action matches the answer or help you need.

Perhaps an outcome you want to have is to get excited about leveraging your skills and using them to build a sustainable business that can get you out of your 9-5 job.   Even if you do not know what that is at the moment, you can start by taking inventory of your skills.

Most importantly – do SOMETHING.  When we create action, we are telling our brain and our heart that this CAN happen for us!


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Recognize if your actions are bringing you closer to your goals or further away from it

Check in with what you’re doing daily and weekly.  Are those things really helping you get clearer or closer to your goals?  Or are they distractions from what is important to you?

If you’re hanging out with people that suck up your time but don’t really give you real purpose to your life, limit your time with them.  Hang out with people that are going on the path you want to go. 

Let’s say you’re in the midst of figuring out how to quit your job and start a business.  If you’re spending time mindlessly scrolling Facebook groups to spy on what other people are always doing in their business, stop.  Start figuring out what people will pay you for with what you can do today with the skill sets you have.

Make a list of repeated tasks and patterns of your behaviour every week (and daily).  Start getting real with yourself on how you’re spending your time and get real with your priorities.


Get humble and change the way you perceive things until you get to what you want

You only know what you know – so go easy on yourself.  We can be so fucking tough on ourselves when we are in the midst of change and doing new things.  This is so not helpful.

Would you say horrible things to a child or show your disappointment with them everytime they tried something new and screwed up?  I hope not.  Or someone should take that child away from you.

So stop doing it to yourself.  Parent yourself in a healthy and encouraging way.  Be gentle and kind because you know it’s not all meant to be perfect, and give yourself space to screw up.

Understand that your fear of the unknown is simply that.  The unknown is something you just don’t know enough about today, but it doesn’t mean you won’t know more tomorrow.  Treat everything like an experiment, or like you’re a mad scientist in a lab as you research and educate yourself on things that you are interested in

Ask for help – Embrace that you can’t do it all alone.  You’re not a failure because you’re asking someone who can lead you towards the right direction for better answers.


Your attitude is important

If something is difficult or you haven’t gotten much success trying to figure it out, stop telling yourself you’re not good enough.  That isn’t going to help. 

Try saying instead, “What lesson can I learn here that is going to change the way I do it another time”?