The Quick & Dirty Strategy Session

A focused session to gain the momentum you need for your business goals.

Now more than ever, we need to reinvent our business to serve our customers more effectively.

As a business owner right now, the ability to adapt your business to meet the current demands of the marketplace is an essential step to thrive in the midst of uncertainty.

If you’re trying to figure things out, plan for what you need now and for the future, getting support to make this transition may be the key to maintaining and growing your business.

I coach Solopreneurs, Freelancers, and Consultants like you to meet new challenges, grow your business, and pivot successfully.

My one-to-one approach provides an intuitive understanding of you, your strengths and opportunities so you can develop a plan of action to make your marketing relevant and offers necessary.

One Powerful Focused Session That Could Grow Your Business
…in 60 Minutes.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed doing ALL the things to grow your business.  You can start small by focusing on one area of your business to create tremendous traction – we do this together in just one hour.

Here’s How We’ll Work Together:


After you register for a session, I’ll send you an email to dig into what’s happening in your business and determine the best focus for our time together.  You’ll be sent a calendar link to book in a time and day to work together.


Before your session, you’ll fill out a simple assessment that tells me loads about your goals.  That way, we can spend our time solving your biggest challenges and laser focus on helping you do one big thing.


We’ll spend 60 minutes together on a private video call, diving deep into what’s needed to create movement for your goals.  We’ll design strategies that will help you step out of overwhelm and give you a plan with more intention and ease.


After the call, I’ll send you notes for your plan to achieve your goals effectively and the recording of our session.  You’ll be clear on exactly where to focus your time and energy to ensure your business thrives.

“Lydia is the reason behind many of my personal breakthroughs this year.  I started my coaching practice and launched corporate trainings and team development workshops with some of the biggest organizations in Singapore.

I’ve been able to fearlessly tackle my personal and creative challenges head-on with laser focus coaching!

Daniel Lim

7-Figure Entrepreneur & Business Coach,

“I’m so happy to have worked with Lydia to take my business to the next level.  I have a much clearer vision on my business direction and the steps to make it happen.  She went above and beyond to work with me towards my goals, and she is an absolute breath of fresh air, by giving extremely valuable insight and focus.

If you need help and direction with your business, I recommend working with Lydia 100%!

Birta Bjargardottir

Holistic Health Coach, Ubebu


The current environment presents unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  In order to support business owners to not only survive, but thrive, I’m offering this flexible and accessible service for a significant reduction off my usual fees.

* Note:  This price is limited to a one-time purchase per client to support my capacity to serve more people at this accessible rate.

The Quick & Dirty Strategy Session

This one-hour strategy session is perfect for you if you have a specific question or focused goal to achieve. Perhaps you need to talk through your ideas for building and expanding your business. Or you need feedback on your marketing or growth plan.

To make sure we have an effective session together, you’ll be completing a prep assessment prior to our call to get clear on what you want to get out of the session.

Investment:  $175 USD

    Ready to Book Your Quick & Dirty Strategy Session?

    “I was a struggling freelance graphic designer.  Lydia gave me strategic advice and the right steps that helped me break free from the 10-year prison I’ve created for myself.  From a one-woman show, I’ve grown a team of three to support my business.

    I have more freedom to set aside time for myself, my family and now I truly enjoy my work.“

    Marilyn Wo

    Graphic & Web Designer, Meet Anders

    “As a former writer and journalist. I was used to being paid by the word or by the article. the idea of creating packages to sell was completely beyond comprehension.  Not only is Lydia great at helping you figure out what skills you have that people will buy, but she will take you step by step through the process of creating a package and taking it to market: the strategy, the tactics and the tools.  And it works.

    To my amazement, clients have emerged wanting to buy products that I created.”

    Clare Harrison

    Media Strategist & Writer