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Stop Waiting For the “Perfect” Business Idea

With Lydia Lee

I Call It The “Right For Right Now Business”

When I started my first business, I was so nervous about taking the leap.

I had been contemplating quitting my job and starting my own business many years ago, but I had a plethora of fears.

Afraid of all the “what-if’s” if I failed.

Wondering if I’ll ever know enough to be an entrepreneur and figure it all out.

Most of all, I had so much self-doubt about whether I’ll get my plan perfected before I finally do this damn thing.

But here’s what I can tell you after I “hmmm’d and hahhhh’d” over it for years.

My perfectionism to “get it right” was what kept me stuck.

I thought way too hard about the PERFECT IDEA.

One that I thought would be my “forever ever after” business idea.

This totally sidetracked my mission to create the freedom-based business and life I dreamt about.

Today, I like a much better approach to figuring this out (and this piece kickstarted mine and many of my clients’ businesses to get them out of the 9-5 quicker).

I Call It The “Right For Right Now Business”

What’s right for right now is something you can teach, share, and do today.

It doesn’t require waiting, being perfect, or trying to do something no one else has done before.

Embracing what’s right for right now has given the powerful permission for my clients to finally start their business, and to actually make a living from the gifts they already have.

Because the perfect idea doesn’t exist.

You start with taking imperfect action to start something today, and then intentionally making it better as you build that body of work.

Don’t let your perfectionism sideline your dreams to create the freedom you want.

But when you start with a business for you that’s “right for right now”, you can build a solid plan around it to get going…

And use it to do bigger things!

The four key things that jumpstarted my plan to start making income on my own terms and create a business that gives me the global lifestyle I have today has been…

  • Honing in on my strengths and figuring out who I can help TODAY with my skills.
  • Picking a niche where I can solve a problem for people I’m familiar with and creating a version of a solution that was unique to my experience and perspective.
  • Choosing a business model where I can make money working with clients in a way that aligns with my personality type and work style.
  • Getting clients by teaching what I know and building genuine relationships without complicated marketing strategies.

If you don’t feel confident about launching a business just yet, figuring out how to monetize your skills to start the ideal business with your strengths may be the first step you need to take right now.

This is why I created an eye-opening 👀 intro course to help you do EXACTLY that in Idea to Income!

Discover Your Ideal Business To Start

In as little as 6 weeks, you’ll get clarity on the right business to start with step-by-step guidance to build a business doing something purposeful and fulfilling.

You can also do it at your own pace because you’ll receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the course (with any updates I add in the future!).

Learn the powerful foundations for turning your idea into income so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start your dream business, without letting another year go by.

​​Get started right NOW to gain the clarity you need to do what you love and make a great living being proud of the work you’ll do.

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