You may have proven success in your life, but yet you are doubting yourself when it comes to being successful on a different path.

You may have never failed badly before, but the fear of failure can absolutely debilitate you from taking a leap of faith with something you’ve never done before.

Even when you may crave changes and a new direction in your life, these fear demons keep creeping up to create a wall between you and what you know is necessary to start getting closer to your dreams and goals.

In this week’s video blog, I want to help you stop fear from sabotaging your dreams.  Watch the video above where I share:

  • How to understand the beliefs behind your fears so that you get to the root of what’s causing this fear to be real
  • Why the stories that you keep telling yourself and keep listening to are creating your beliefs that either get you to where you want to be, or keep you stuck where you are
  • How to play “detective” to feed new evidence to your brain to slowly change how you feel about your darkest fears
  • My tips and advice on trumping your fears without years of therapy or negative self talk
  • How to expedite your learning and fast track yourself to your big goals (hint: it’s not doing it by yourself)

Your Dreams Are Worth Pursuing

They are why you’ve chosen to be alive.

Every hour and minute of the day, is an opportunity for you to turn it all around.  And this will depend on what you choose to fill your time and head doing (and thinking).

When you can create actions to be responsible or seeing a new way of living or working that is more in tune to you as a human being, you are saying:

“I am in control of how I want my life to turn out.  If my life isn’t where I want it to go, I am free to discover the missing pieces that can guide my thoughts and actions to feel better”. 

What Fears Are You Serious About Letting Go To Be Able to Live Out Your Dreams?

In the comments below, I want you to tell me a #1 fear you are now ready to let go to allow yourself to feel the courage of taking the leap to your dream life.

What is that fear, and what belief do you think is behind the fear (this belief can be about yourself or the world)?  And how can you feed new evidence to yourself to help trump and de-bunk that belief to create a new one?

I would love to hear from you below.


To your freedom from your fears, and the start of your tremendous courage to live boldly,