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Hey ninjas! I have my Episode 2 of my Cubicle Crashing Podcast up! I am joined by fellow Canadian and special guest Steve Munroe who is a self-proclaimed serial starter, idea machine and co-founder of TurnPoint and Hubud here in Bali. I will be talking to him about his life before he screwed the cubicle, what he went through to get to where he is now and how he came up with the ideas for both TurnPoint and Hubud here in Bali.


Episode 2 | Special Guest Steve Munroe, Co-founder of TurnPoint and Hubud

In this episode:

  • How Steve and I know each other through the Hubud Co-Working Space as well as TurnPoint which is a destination education startup that provides intensive learning opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking for a more meaningful way of living and working.
  • How Steve lives, works and thrives here in Bali with a wife and kids for the past 5 years.
  • His career path and what led him to screw the cubicle.
  • His fears and hurdles, why he chose Bali and how his life has changed.
  • How is the future of work changing?
  • Common misconceptions about digital nomadery
  • What the word “freedom” means to Steve
  • How you can learn more about Hubud and TurnPoint


Steve Speaking Hubud


Memorable Podcast Snippets:

“So, I worked for the UN for about 10 years in countries all over the world. We moved here in 2009, about two and a half to three years before this whole journey started. And as with most businesses, it was scratching our own itch and that was that we were all freelancers and certainly myself, I’m terrible with working at home. I procrastinate, I get nothing done. And I was really excited about it when I first got here – that idea of Skype calls in your underwear, making your own hours, but it absolutely didn’t work for me, mainly because I was lonely. I missed the water cooler. I missed that kind of banter and sharing ideas and bouncing things off human beings in the same room.”


Steve SUW Bali (2)


“The last consultant job I had with the UN, which will probably be my last for forever, was such an exercise in frustration. I was doing work that had to do with West Africa, but doing it all remotely based in Bali, and it was this process of hiring me to design a project document which involved me talking to about 15 UN people and using their time, very senior people and division leaders, country directors, etc. We put together this proposal which would go to the Japanese government so they could fund it, when they had already agreed to fund it. I mean we already knew how much they were going to give, they just needed to have the paperwork. But the amount of resources that went into producing that piece of paper so that the output could be achieved, which everybody knew was going to happen almost regardless, was just so frustrating for me.”


Resources from this episode:


Hubud: https://www.hubud.org/

TurnPoint: https://turnpoint.io/

9-to-Thrive: https://turnpoint.io/course/9-to-thrive/


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