The confidence of your work comes first from your innate belief that the work that you’re putting out there in the world is valuable.

You may be avoiding talking about your work to potential clients, because you just can’t really pinpoint the thing that you do that is really going to hit the mark for really convincing people or converting people to go from ‘interested’ to ‘buying customers’.

This week’s video is all about the 3 steps you can do today to create value in your work, so that you can be confident to share your business, talk about your work and attract your customers much more easily.



Some valuable steps to create value in your work:

Anticipate the result of the goals your ideal customers want and need to achieve

Talk to real people that fit the ideal profile of your ideal client and have a real conversation with them.

Maybe this is someone you already know, a past customer you worked with, or a friend that is in the beginner stage of where they need your help – this is the best opportunity to pick the brain of this person

Understand what your ideal customers perceive as success 

What do they define as transformation?  Why are these goals important to them?  What are they now able to do or experience as a ripple effect after they reach their success?

This is truly going to help you understand that your product or service is leading people to destination.

Identify the big milestones you help your ideal customers achieve

Reverse engineer what you believe are the steps they have to achieve to get to their bigger goal or result.  What journey do you go with them on to get them to the solution your product or service promises?

The “how” you do your process could be different from someone else; even if there’s a competitor helping other customers reach the same results.

How they get there with YOU could be different.

This is where you infuse your approach in the way that you want to solve that problem, and your combination of skills you bring to the table to allow the process to be unique to you.

Ask, test and validate

I want you to get feedback. Isn’t it amazing that people out there that are going to tell us the improvements that we have to make and also let us know whether or not what we’ve created in a sense of that journey are actually relevant and important to them as well?

You can do this before you even put your website up and branding (any of the sexy things that you think you have to do).  Focus on this transition steps of testing your services or products with a real human first.

The Ask, test and validate stage is super important for us to refine the process and improve what we’ve created and really before you put it out there into the world, feel really confident about your work.


Benefits of beta testing:

  • You’re going to know if you like the work – If you’re starting a business that you’ve never done this before, you need to feel that you have the space to experiment with what you’ve created, to know if you truly can ENJOY it.  What you don’t want to do is spend oodles of dollars on a website or launching a business, to discover you may not enjoy that type of work or the type of people you thought you wanted to help.
  • You’re going to build your confidence –  When you work with real humans, you would’ve tested and refined your process in and out. You’re going to feel good, because it can work with multiple people, and you receive validation that someone received value from your work.
  • You’re going to receive testimonials –  Your real customer feedback is really going to allow you to put credible testimonials on your website.  You can promote that credibility on your social media, sales pages, and website to feel trusted, so that you can also start inviting people to also get similar results with you.


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