If you are a consultant, coach, advisor, or basically anyone where your job requires you to sell information, advice, or strategies, your value can seem intangible.

Unlike other types of professions, like writers, web designers, or graphic artists, you special sauce may not be something that people are able to see.  This means that your ability to package what you do, sell your talents, and speak clearly about why your work matters is even more important for your success.

As part of the Startup to Sold Out interview series, I have been curating world class experts and leaders to speak more about how they do it for their own businesses, and share their experience with you on how you can build your successful business, create offers that people want, leverage your time, and sell what you do (without the sleaze) to the people that need you the most.


Enter Yasemin Inal

Today I have Yasemin Inal from YaseminInal.com, who is a high performance coach and a business strategist.

She’s mentored with world class mentors like Brendon Bouchard, and her coaching business, Amplify Your Dream, has been empowering people to reach their highest levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in their life and business.

I wanted to interview Yasemin, because I’ve followed her over the years and loved how authentic and real she is with the way she connects with people, and challenges them to be the best versions of themselves.   After creating a six figure coaching business, she has proved that being genuine, honest, and using the gift of giving has allowed her to market herself without the sleaze.

In the interview, we spoke about:

  • How her academic teaching career led her to discovering a bigger message she wanted to share with her work
  • Starting where she was ready (her fundamentals) and building her confidence before expanding to additional offers
  • How she scaled her business by offering courses and group programs in addition to her 1:1 coaching services
  • Why you should start with one-to-one services first before moving onto passive income products, especially if you want to feel credible in working with people
  • How to focus on ONE thing to build your mastery, and reach your goals faster than before
  • How Yasemin used her life story and the solving of her own previous pains to create her first coaching program
  • The importance of having structure in your service-based business to create value and tangibility in your packages and offers
  • Using your unique process of your services and feedback from your customers to create additional products without having to guess “what’s next” to create



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