As part of the video interview series for Startup to Sold Out, I am interviewing world class experts from around the world that have specialized in a particular niche market, and have done an amazing job in creating products, offers, and signature programs that have led them to their success today. Utilizing their strongest skills and strengths, they have created sustainable offers for their businesses that have allowed them to work with ideal customers, leverage their time, and sell out their offerings over and over again.  

Enter Adrienne Dorison

This week’s interview is with one with a ladyboss I absolutely admire, Adrienne Dorison. Adrienne is a Success Strategist at AdrienneDorison.com where she helps entrepreneurs with habits, mindset and strategies, systems and techniques to DOMINATE their own version of success. Adrienne left her corporate job a couple of years ago, paid off over $45K worth of debt before starting her business, and uses unique parts of her previous work experience and her new life insights to build her very successful business with multiple programs today. You’re going to want to check out our video interview below, because I pick this woman’s brain on her offer creation strategies, and we jam about these juicy nuggets of wisdom:
  • Why she left corporate and how she transitioned from employee to entrepreneur smoothly by getting rid of her debt How she transitioned from one-on-one coaching to developing courses for her customers
  • How she created her first product, “Corporate to Called” from her own initial pain of solving that problem, and teaching others with her knowledge
  • Why using Facebook is a simple way to attract and invite beta testers to a new program or offer you are launching What Adrienne’s formula is for deciding which skills to use to create products that her customers needs
  • How she knows when to evolve, and create new products and services that serve her customers effectively
Find out how Adrienne gets in front of her ideal customers and market herself and her programs with sales techniques without feeling like a sleazeball (nobody’s got time for that).  

Love Adrienne?  Find out more about her!

Adrienne’s website Adrienne’s FB community – Society of Self Mastery Adrienne’s free webinar training + workbook – How to sell out your program with a small list    

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