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Starting An Empathy-Focused SEO Marketing Agency

With Lydia Lee

How Kim Herrington Went From Looking For Jobs In A Phonebook To Starting An Empathy-Focused SEO Marketing Agency.

When I was looking for ethical and human-friendly advice for learning how SEO (search engine optimization) can help me bring more great clients to my business, I started following someone named Kim Herrington on Instagram.

She stood out for me because A) she actually spoke in language I could understand, and B) she maintains high ethical standards with a non-spammy approach to digital marketing.

I was so impressed with how she educates people who are ‘non-techy’ business owners, including her values in prioritizing ethical marketing practices.

Plus, I was curious how she started her SEO agency and how she found her special niche in a usually male-dominated industry.

So…I invited her for an interview on the Corporate Escape Stories on Screw The Cubicle TV!

Kim’s a Google Ads and SEO consultant and the founder of Orsanna, a digital marketing agency for law firms and professional services.

But before that, she was looking through phone books to find a job.

In my conversation with Kim, she’ll share how she made the leap to working for herself, while she gained valuable knowledge to bring forth to her business.

Since 2013, she works with clients to help them get more customers from search engines using “intent-based” marketing techniques.

I think you’ll get a lot of value in learning how this can help you attract the right people to your business…especially how we can bring back authentic connections and make marketing an activity where we care about the humans we want to help.

In Our Conversation, You’ll Learn:

  • How Kim used seedlings of opportunities from her corporate job to build her SEO agency business.
  • What “intent-based” marketing is and how Kim uses it with clients to help them find ideal customers for their business.
  • Why empathy and understanding your audience is the foundation of any modern digital marketing campaign (this is a goodie!).
  • Why she decided to have employees instead of using contractors to build the kind of agency she wanted.
  • The reason she asked her husband to be her business partner and how it allowed her to focus on her ‘genius-zone’.

Connect With Kim Herrington!

Kim Herrington is a search marketing consultant that helps online business owners use SEO, Google Ads, and Pinterest to get in front of their ideal clients.

She is also the founder of Orsanna, a digital marketing agency for professional services, including lawyers, healthcare, and financial services.

Learn more about Kim on her website.

Download her free guide on building sustainable traffic.

Connect with her on Instagram.

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